How to Create A New Proton Mail Account On Web And Proton App

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ProtonMail has been the Safest Email Provider this year and other past years. The most secured and truths by millions around the world. Everyone deserves an assurance of security of their privacy irrespective of the online platform. Privacy. Protection on your Email account shouldn’t be exclusive. This is where the Protonmail account comes to be the best free email account, provider.

How to Create A New Proton Mail Account On Web And Proton App

ProtonMail provides end-to-end encryption and lots of other great security features to keep each of your communications private. Shocking to also add that even the company hosting your emails has no way of reading them, so you can rest assured that they can’t be read by third parties either.

How to Create A New ProtonMail Account

Emails are more accessed more via mobile devices, so it is important to explain the steps to Create A New ProtonMail Account with mobile. But the steps are requirements remain the same on the web. The only part that makes the mobile process a bit contrasting is the part where you have to download the app and install it on your mobile device before proceeding to Sign up for a new Protonmail account.

  • Go to You would have to go through the ProtonMail online form if you already downloaded the ProtonMail app.
  • Fill in the information required. You’ll be requested to enter your desired ProtonMail username that will be your email address after adding the or
  • The next step is to confirm if your human and as well confirm your account through the mail or sms that would be sent to you
  • Wait for ProtonMail to create your account. It may take about 5seconds for them (ProtonMail) to create this account it just depends on the strength of your network.
  • You’ll be redirected to your New ProtonMail account dashboard after the creation is completed. You can see (from the image above) the process it’s passing through to create the account.
How to Create A New ProtonMail Account

ProtonMail Login New Account Dashboard

After a new ProtonMail account is completely created, the user is redirected to the mail account with a pop-up to edit or change the display name. Also with other options to download the ProtonMail app.

However, when next you want to log in, your ProtonMail email address (or username) and Password will need to gain access to your ProtonMail Message Inbox.

To log in simply go to and click on the “log in”. But logging in from your app – is faster, because once you have created the account and logged in the first time, you remain logged in except when you log out yourself.

Upgrading To A Premium ProtonMail Account

This is highly protective of users’ privacy. You can decide to upgrade which many prefer it to Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

The only part which you may dislike ProtonMail is the capacity of storage allocated to free accounts. But that increases the reasons why you should upgrade to the premium plan If you have lots of files or information to store in your ProtonMail account.

Speaking of the storage, ProtonMail offers a 500.00 MB to free account – which is way too small when compared with other free email providers. See the free emails and the storage capacity allocated here.

The premium ProtonMail price starts from $5 dollar monthly, which also allows paying annually. The premium plan unlocks more features to use. However, both the free and paid plan account remains secured – it is their MOST priority Back to top