How to Install Facebook on a Smart TV | Watch Facebook Videos on Your Smart TV

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Install Facebook and Watch videos on a Smart TV: If you are having a hard time with enjoying your Facebook on your Smart TV, then worry no more… Here, you will find out how it is very possible to open your Facebook account on your smart TV and make use of it.

How to Install Facebook on a Smart TV - Watch Facebook Videos on Your Smart TV

Social Networks and their Function on a Smart TV

Whenever there is an advancement in technology by expanding functions to equipment, televisions are never far behind. Gradually, we no longer depend much on traditional computer sets (even though television is also a computer on its own). But we continue to depend on social media, however.

Bear it in mind that a lot of these Smart TVs already have preinstalled applications by default, including Facebook. Just in case you don’t have it, you can search for it amongst applications, games, or social networks (as the case may be with the brand of smart TV) to download and install it.

How to Open and Navigate Facebook on Smart TV

  1. Enter your browser on the Smart TV.
  2. Go to “Internet Box” in the Menu that appears (usually at the bottom screen).
  3. Now, type on the navigation bar.
  4. You must later input your username and password to login.
  5. Go to the left column and select “watch”, after login. This function is what will allow you enjoy Facebook Watch on your Smart TV, by just pressing the “play” button on any video.
  6. At this point, you can now watch the videos of channels that appear in the left column as a list. This also implies to other uploaded videos by individuals.

How to Install Facebook on a Smart TV

As a regular user of this social network, we will be showing you how you can install and link Facebook to watch videos on your Smart TV. In order to achieve this, you may have to consider some certain requirements as well.


  • Your device first of all has to be updated with the most recent software update for it and have a good internet connection.
  • Now, go to “settings” on your smart TV and then scroll down to the “Advanced Settings” option.
  • Locate the “Network” icon in the mirrored box. This is where you get to confirm that you are really connected to the internet. Don’t worry yourself much if you miss this step, you will just have to do a simple configuration to connect it to the internet later.
  • Get to the icon “General” in the same mirrored box, scroll down, and select “About this TV”. This is where you will see if your Smart TV software version is up to date. You can press the “Check for updates” button; just to be sure it is up to date.

Steps to Install Facebook Watch on a Smart TV

  1. On the main menu of your Smart TV, locate the App Store. For example, the LG Content store is for LG users. You may also use Google Playstore.
  2. Search for Facebook Watch and select it.
  3. Press the “more” button to reveal details of the application, which includes some screenshots that show its already installed functionalities.
  4. Now, click the “Install” button and wait for a message that reads that the application has been installed.
  5. At this point, we have what we want. The next time you want to use the app, just go to the application menu and you will find the Facebook Watch app there.

Link your personal Facebook Account to Smart TV

To link your Facebook account, just go to the Facebook app on your TV and follow the steps below. Make sure you have a good internet connection as well.

  • On the Facebook app, select the “Login” option and click “Continue” (Wait for it to load).
  • A message telling you to enter your Facebook account (on a mobile device), and get a code that will be sent to you.
  • Now enter the code in the message box on the Smart TV and click “Continue”.
  • At this point, a button saying “Continue as… (Your profile name)” will appear on Facebook Watch. Just press it to link your account to the Smart TV.
  • And now you are fully connected to your account on your Smart TV.

Following the above step-by-step procedures, you will be able to enjoy the Facebook App and watch videos on your Smart TV.

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