Facebook Marketing Place – Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell Nearby Me 2020 | What You Can’t Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

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Facebook Marketing Place – Social media networks are a place for connection and connection can be made on the basis of anything, all it needs is a strong reason. Facebook developed a platform in itself that allows people to connect over marketing. i.e buying and selling.

It has different sources or ways for users to buy and sell on its platform. At first, it was only the Facebook buy and sell groups and then the Facebook marketplace came in. The Facebook marketing place makes it easy as it embodies and functions as the name marketing.

facebook marketing place

Facebook Marketplace brings convenience to marketing on Facebook. It’s the place to find, buy, and sell items with people around you. As the name implies, its sole purpose is marketing, hence nothing else goes on here apart from marketing.

It allows you to find items to buy by using your location, hence you get to buy from someone around you. It’s the perfect platform to sell as it does not charge you for sales made.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook marketing place is inbuilt into the Facebook system. This implies that to use this feature, you need to create a Facebook account and download its app.

Classic Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account and click on the Hamburger menu. Scroll down till you see a Shop icon, click on it.

New Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account and look to the left corner of your newsfeed page. There you will find a shop icon named Marketplace.

Click on it and follow the guide below to buy and sell on Facebook marketplace.

Buying On Facebook Marketplace

Well, this is very easy. It’s like going around in a market looking for something to buy. In any market, people with the same product and services tend to be in the same area. This applies to Facebook as it categorized people’s and businesses ‘ products and services. There are about 10 different categories where you could browse from.

As a buyer on the Facebook marketplace, you need everything to make your transaction easy. By filtering your search results using location, categories, and price, buying on the Facebook marketplace is made easy.

Immediately you find what you want, review it by clicking on the image. This will bring out the product or service full description and also the seller’s info.

From here, click on the message icon below the post. Then you could start negotiating the price and terms of sale of the seller.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

For most individuals, we just sell one of those junk pieces of stuff we don’t need anymore. For Businesses, the Facebook marketplace is the perfect platform to create trusted customers. Selling on the Facebook marketplace helps create awareness about business products and services.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace takes just five steps;

  • Take a photo of what you want to sell and upload it to the Facebook marketplace platform.
  • Proceed to enter your product name, description, and price.
  • Now confirm the location of the product you are selling.
  • Select a category under which your product falls in.
  • Tap on Post and round up the process.

“Round up the process” there means you can also do some few promotions for the product you are about to sell. While posting on Marketplace, Facebook gives you the option of posting on specific buy and sell groups you’ve joined.

What You Can’t Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace has some things it does not allow for sale on its platform. Items that can be categorized under drugs and healthcare items, alcohol, animals, electronic devices, gift cards, event tickets, and weapons are not allowed for sale on the Facebook marketplace.

Mostly, you can only sell products on this feature, services aren’t really something you want to sell on Facebook marketing place.

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