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WhatsApp status downloader – The largest chatting app “WhatsApp Messenger App” is rolling out impressing features that make users stay in the app worthwhile. Its recent updates are the WhatsApp story feature. You can add a story of your life it can be a photo, video, write-ups, etc to your WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp story lets you post pictures and videos to your WhatsApp profile and these stories lasts for just 24hours after which it will be automatically deleted. The story feature seems to be the latest trend for the most social media networks app, even Facebook, and Instagram added a story feature.

Although, WhatsApp’s story feature is the best with over 50,000 stories uploaded to the user’s statuses on a daily basis. Well let’s not go deep into WhatsApp story it’s not our topic for the day instead let’s talk more about WhatsApp status downloader.

whatsapp status downloader

WhatsApp Status Downloader

Thousands and millions of WhatsApp users upload photos and videos daily to their WhatsApp status thereby adding them as a story on WhatsApp. Sometimes you wish to download a friend’s status on WhatsApp.

But you keep asking if it is possible to download and save a friend’s status updates to your device. Yes, it is very possible to download a friend’s status if you like them.

There are only one means of downloading a friend’s status updates on WhatsApp. This is done by using the WhatsApp status downloader free app to download statuses like images, videos, Gifs, which was shared as a story by a friend.

All About WhatsApp status downloader

WhatsApp status downloader application works on every device ranging from Android, smartphones, tablets, iOS. PC, and laptop devices. This WhatsApp status downloader gives WhatsApp users the great opportunity to download a friend’s uploaded status.

WhatsApp status downloader is of different apps. All you need do is search and select the one you wish to use and download it to your mobile device.

When you launch the application on any of these devices, the app automatically scans and displays all photos, videos, and gifs uploaded by your friends and family members. You can save the images, and videos straight on your device storage media.

Also, you could share them with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so forth.

WhatsApp Status Downloader Features

The WhatsApp status downloader app has a lot of unique features you will like and find interesting. These features allow you to explore the app easily and they include:

  • The application is easy to use and has no Ads attached to it.
  • It works on every device.
  • Saves multiple stories instantly.
  • It manages your saved stories and status.
  • WhatsApp status downloader app has the Help menu in case you encounter any problem.
  • It downloads and plays video stories.
  • Has a cleanly designed feature.
  • The app shares and repost stories.

How To Download status using WhatsApp status downloader

There are lots of applications available for downloading WhatsApp status and stories. These applications are not launched by the official WhatsApp site but they are very easy to use and helps to save statuses. Most people find it difficult using the app to download statuses but you don’t need to worry anymore. Because I will take you through a cool ride and teach you how to download your friend’s statuses using a WhatsApp status downloader.

Before anything, you need to download and install the WhatsApp status downloader app from your mobile device app store and then follow the instructions below to download any WhatsApp status.

  • View the status you want to download from your official WhatsApp messenger app on your device.
  • Open the WhatsApp status downloader application in your device. The app will automatically scan and display the photo, video, or gif on your screen.
  • Click on the download option under the status to download the status.

See it’s very easy and simple to do, told you it’s never a pain. You can save these statuses to your device storage media or share it with other social networks you are registered with. So if you want to download your friend’s crazy videos, important photos, and gifs quickly get the WhatsApp status downloader app.

I hope you find this article interesting. Got questions on this or any related topic do not fail to drop your questions on the comment box below.

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