Google Classroom App | How To Setup a Google Classroom

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Google Classroom App is one of the new development of Google which is a free web service platform developed by Google for schools. Its main purpose is to simplify the creation, distribution, and grading of assignments in a paperless way.

Thus, the primary purpose of the Google classroom platform is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

Therefore, Google as a globally known search engine providing services for its users at their different levels did not forget to procure the combination of its services that will get Google classroom working to enable a cordial and working relationship between learners and their instructors.

These services include Google Drive for creation of Class Assignment and its distribution, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for writing, Gmail for class communication, and Google Calendar for scheduling of time for a Class connection online.

google classroom app

Google Classroom instructors can invite their students to join a class through a private code or automatically imported from a school domain. In a particular User’s Drive, every class creates a separate folder, this is where students can submit work to be graded by a teacher.

Also, Mobile Apps are available for iOS and Android devices. This allows users to take photos and attach to assignments, share files from other apps and access information offline. The teacher can keep good track of every student, as well as grade them and return their work with comments on it.

About Google classroom App

Google Classroom App is a Google Apps for teachers and students to create an offline and off classroom networking education Account. This saves time, paper, and resources in setting assignments and communicating with a class. This is achievable with a combination of Google services such as Gmail and Docs.

The suite and app are inexpensive ways of enhancing the classroom experience and supporting the boost of education. All materials are easily accessible from the communal drive and students can use these anytime with their Android or iOS devices.

Benefits of a Google classroom App

              Having seen what a Google classroom is we are going to talk about is benefits thus:

  • It has proven to be cost-saving, no extra hardware or software needed, just a $50/ user annual fee plus affordable setup cost. Your staff will likely spend more time working and less time on email support.
  • Google Classroom app has made easy to access the Google class platform at any time, at work or on the road. You can access Google Classroom App for work tools either through computers or mobile devices.
  • It is pertinent to note that this Google classroom has an account of 30GB storage which is 50 times the industry average. Keep all your important messages, and find them instantly with built-in Google Search.
  • This Google service platform with Synchronous replication, duplicate your data and activity in Gmail, Google calendar. Google Docs and Google Sites are simultaneously preserved in multiple secure Datacenter.

How to Create a Google Classroom

Already you have seen what a Google classroom and what a Google classroom Apps means. We will outline in details how to set up a Google Classroom platform thus:

  1. Open a web browser and go to You need to log in with your Google Apps for Education account.
  2. On the welcome screen, click the Plus sign in at the top and choose Create Class.
  3. In the create a class dialogue box, type in the Class name and section.
  4. Click create.

Note: To use a Classroom with students at a school, the school must sign up for a free G Suite for Education account. Then, schools can make proper decisions on which Google services their teachers or instructors and students can use. You must not necessarily have a Gmail to be able to access Google Classroom.

How to create a Google Classroom App

Having created a Google classroom, it is pertinent to note that Google classroom has an App for both Android and iOS that you can download and enjoy on your smartphone or tablet.

Thus, you have to first download and install Google classroom app either from Google Play for Android or the App store for iOS, then the following steps are the process to launch and get the app working on your smart devices:

  1. On the Welcome screen, tap Sign in at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If you have Google accounts already set-up, you see those. However, your Google account won’t work with Google Classroom. You will need to sign in using your Google Apps for Education account. So click on the “Add another Account”.
  3. Tap Existing.
  4. Type your Google Apps for Education login credentials, and then tap the right triangle.
  5. Tap Ok in the Terms of the service dialogue box.
  6. Google asks you to upgrade to Google+. For now, tap not now.
  7. Google asks you if you want to stay up to date with the news and offers from Google. Check or uncheck the box, depending on your preference, and tap the right triangle.
  8. Google tells you that it successfully signed in to your account. You can simply make choice the kind of data that is synced to your device on the screen. It is more preferable to leave them all marked. Click  the right-Triangle
  9. Google shows you a few introductory slides showing the benefits of the Classroom. Enter tap through them or skip. With this, you can now enjoy Google classroom on your smart devices.

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