Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
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Outlook how to create a group- This enables you create a contact group where you can send emails to the group without having to add each name to the recipient list.

Outlook how to create a group

What is Outlook Group?

Contact groups are often used for groups like project teams, recreation groups, families, and friends. A contact can belong to multiple groups.

How To Add Members to Outlook Groups

To manage groups in Outlook;

  • Tap open Outlook 2016
  • Beneath Groups in the left folder pane, choose your group
  • On the Groups ribbon, choose “Add Members”
  • In the “Add Members” column, look for people within your organization either by their full name or email address and choose the names to add to your group.
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Outlook How to Create a Contact Group 2016

  • Tap on “People” on the navigation bar
  • On the “Home” icon, tap on the “New Contact Group”
  • In the contact group field, type in the name of the group

Choose From Outlook Contacts: You can add group members from your own Outlook Contacts.

Choose From Address Book: Add group members from the Address Book. For those using Outlook with a business email account, this option usually includes company contacts.

Select New E-mail Contact: Create a new contact and add it to the group.

  • Choose each contact you want to add to the group and tap “Members”. Once you are thru, adding contacts, tap on “OK, and thereafter tap on “Save & Close”.
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Outlook How to Create Group 2018

  • On the home page, tap “Address Book” to open your address book
  • Tap the list below Address Book, and thereafter choose “Contacts”.
  • On the File menu, tap “New Entry”.
  • Under “Select the entry type, tap “New Contact Group”
  • Under “Put this entry” tap in the “Contacts”
  • Then tap on “OK”.

How to Leave an Outlook Group

  • Open Outlook on the Web
  • In the navigation bar, under Groups, choose your group.
  • At the top of the page, choose>Leave group. Once you do this, you’ll no longer be a part of the group and won’t be able to access the files or other data associated with the group.
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How to Manage and View Groups You’re a Member of

In other to view and manage a group you’re a member of,

  • Log into Outlook on the Web and choose the “People” icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Under “My Groups” in the navigation page, choose “Joined”.

Outlook how to create a group is simple to initiate and engage in. Get started with its features and help centralize your team communication.

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