How to See who Unfollowed You On Instagram

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As we all know, Instagram is a large social media platform that serves all most everyone in the world. With its large number of users, one could get millions of followers on his/her account.

But in this article, we want to discuss how we can see and know who unfollowed you on Instagram and this can be done in either two ways.

  • The Manual way
  • The Third-Party Apps.
How to See who Unfollowed You On Instagram

How to See who Unfollowed You Using the Manual Method

Making use of this method is one of the basic methods to use when checking who unfollowed you on Instagram but can be sometimes difficult when you have lots of followers. Sometimes you might not just notice the drop-down of numbers because of the huge number of followers but if you are able to keep a headcount of your Instagram followers then you should be able to know when someone unfollows you on Instagram.

You can actually do this by investigating the ‘Following’ list of those users to verify if they are still following you or not.

Mind you, this can be very time-consuming and seem impractical especially when you have lots of followers but for those with a little number of followers then this method is suitable for them.

How to See who Unfollowed You Using the Third-Party App

Instagram has truly taken action against its API for security reasons, implying that Third Party unfollowers application engineers are undeniably more restricted by the way they’re ready to get to clients’ supporters. In the event that you attempted to utilize an application that professed to show you who unfollowed you yet saw it doesn’t work, these progressions made to the Instagram API may clarify why.

There are, in any case, a couple of good Third-Party applications out there that can in any case take care of you. Here are three distinct ones that associate with your Instagram account and reveal to you some helpful information about your unfollowers.

  • Follow Meter
  • Followers Track Pro
  • Follow cop.

These apps are available for download on both Google Play Store app for Android users and Apple store for iOS users. All you need do is download any of the apps that you like and then register your Instagram account on this downloaded app then you can now carry out your research.

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