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Are you in search of the Best Free Dating Site for Serious Relationship… We done some very good research and have some for you… Let’s see

Finding your soul mate is one of the greatest feelings. But do you have to pay to experience such a feeling? Best free dating site for serious relationships. In 2020 covid 19 has made online dating more important for singles, since going out and social gatherings have been discouraging during the pandemic.

Best Free Dating Site for Serious Relationship 2021

It has been tough for single people to meet potential partners. But with the help of online dating websites, you could try to get to know someone online.

Thanks to technology, you can exchange emails, video chat, and texting. Before meeting up

What online dating site is completely free | What is the most successful free dating site? | Free dating site in the world without payment | Totally free online dating sites

Various online dating sites are scam and provide the fake account with fake people whom can be dangerous. What online dating website should I try?

Deciding on the online dating platform which is right for you is just like finding the right partner. Continue reading to find out some of the best 100 % free online dating sites that you may want to try in other to find your perfect match.

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Our time
  • Facebook dating


OkCupid dating site is a very popular website and app and is free, you can easily access profiles on occupied and connect with anyone you wish to connect with.

OkCupid also has a premium service once you subscribe to OkCupid premium service you can see who likes you before you like them, you will access the platform peacefully without ads interfering.


Tinder Dating Site is very popular and also accessible on desktops, you can easily swipe through a profile. You can swipe right if you like a profile or swipe left if you don’t like the profile.

If you like someone’s photo and that person also like your photo you will automatically match and you will be able to message your potential date.

You can also pay $9.99 a month for tinder us if you are under 30, or $19.99 if you are older. And $29.99 per month for Tinder hold depending on your age and location.


Bumble dating site and Tinder are a little bit similar, you can find a match by dripping right if you are interested in the person of the left if you are not interested in them.

There is also a premium service that can assist you in accessing your matches for your criteria and qualities. You can access this premium feature from $7.99 a week to $32.99 a month. Or you can pay $199.99 for a lifetime.

Our time

Our time dating App is majorly for people who are 50 years and above. However, our time is not free but you can browse through profiles for free.

You can pay $35 a month, with price dropping considerably if you sign up for a six-month plan.

Facebook Dating

The social media platform Facebook recently joined the dating market. When you set up a dating profile on Facebook, your dating profile won’t be shared with anyone outside Facebook apps.

Your family on finds on Facebook won’t be able to know that you are on Facebook dating, you can also use your Facebook to automatically fill your profile.

Facebook dating is completely free and you can only access the Facebook app on your mobile phone, not the Facebook website.

I am sure you will be glad you found this post… If there are any further questions you have regarding the last Dating sites we listed you are free to drop your questions at the comment box below as we will be glad to attend to them asap.

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