How TO Get Raya Dating App | Raya Dating App Review 2021

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Let me show you shortly How TO Get Raya Dating App

How to get Raya dating app – Raya dating app has been referred to as Illuminati tinder, famous celebrities like joe Jonas, changing Tatum, Trevor Noah, and other celebrities have been spotted on the app in the past.

Recently the app has gained popularity after Ben Affleck found himself unlucky in love. Launched in 2015  by tech developer Daniel gentleman, Raya is an exclusive dating app for creating rich and famous celebrities.

How TO Get Raya Dating App

The Intentional exclusivity has an app the title Illuminati tinder. In 2018 the app developer Daniel Gedelman made it known that Raya dating app has 10,000 members across the world. However, users of Raya are not allowed to publicly disclose the name of the people they have seen on the Raya dating app.

How Do Get On Raya? | How To Get On Raya | How Do I Get An Invite On Raya?

To secure membership on Raya is hard, unlike other online dating apps, the only option to get on Raya is via a recommendation from someone who is already on the app. You will need to fill out an application that will be reviewed by a large number of unke committee members then you wait for a reply from the unknown Raya committee board.

Only about 18% of applications are accepted, Raya has a higher rejection rate than Harvard Business School.

How Do Sign Up On Raya?

Here is the process of signing up on the Raya dating app;

  • Get a referral from someone who is already on Raya exclusive dating app
  • Have an interesting career(modelling, actors, musician)
  • Have a very active social media life
  • Win over the unknown Raya committee

How Much Does It Cost To Join Raya?

Membership on data costs $7.99 per month. And to be a lot of Raya dating app you have to be preferred by an existing member of the Raya dating app.

How Do You Match On Raya?

According to a statement made by people who have successfully crossed the borders of Raya, a match will be made if both parties tap on the heart icon.

How Do Get On Raya Without Referral?

If you don’t have an insider to refer, you can still try and submit your application for the unknown Raya dating app board for evaluation,  you may be accepted or rejected.

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