Wealth.ng app Review | How to sign up & login Wealth.ng | is Wealth.ng legit?

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Wealth.ng app is a high-end platform that can help you to manage your finances and grow your wealth at ease. Many locals in Nigeria have a hard time adapting to the nuances of financial institutions in the country. This happens mostly because they do not wield the necessary tools for transacting in these institutions.

However, with Wealth.ng app, this hitch has been overcome. If you are looking for the best services from a financial institute, then this online platform should be your destination.

Wealth.ng app Review

Wealth.ng was founded with the interest of the regular trader at heart. Pointedly, it is the first online investment market in Nigeria.

Description of  Wealth.ng App

Wealth.ng app avails you a network of investments that cut across assets on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Treasury Bills, and prospects in the Agricultural sector.

Wealth.ng app uses its novel platform to introduce you to higher investments irrespective of your business history. There is always something new to discover on the website.

With as little as N10 000, you can invest in any of the listed assets in NSE for specified periods of time. Any of these assets can be bought in a matter of minutes. 

From products in the Agric-Finance category to real estate, the opportunities to bolster your wealth and expand your profit margin is fully provided by the Wealth.ng app.

All it will cost you to get started on the platform is just 5 minutes to sign up for an account. Visit the COMPANY WEBSITE to sign up

This marketing platform is all about making online investments.

How to Fund Your Wealth.ng Wallet

This is easy to do. You only need to follow seamless chain steps.

You can fund your Wealth.ng wallet in many ways. But basically, you can do this through your debit/credit card, or preferably by using a bank transfer.

All of the funding methods are secure and can be easily accessed. If you fund your Wealth.ng wallet through bank transfer, then you should send your reference code to [email protected].

Your reference code will be used to credit your wallet and subsequently confirm your transaction.

All the reviews conducted about Wealth.ng app agree on their reliability. Even if you wish to liquidate your investment, the operation gets carried out just in one day.

In this way, you get to settle your brokers and reap the rewards of your investment all in good time.

Is  Wealth.ng App legit?

Wealth.ng app is reliable. Being an offshoot of the reputable Wealth Tech Limited, Wealth.ng connects many Nigerians with the reality of running transactions in close sync with technology.

Currently, there are many start-ups already making waves in this field. But the platform bridges the gap between the ordinary Nigerian investor and the complicated finance in developed economies.

This is exactly why you should check out the opportunities offered on this market platform.

Moreover, the company is registered with the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. So, your investments are in good hands.

The company is under Sankore Investments and enjoys every of the firm’s titular benefits due to this affiliation.

Sankore Investment has a professional niche of certified brokerages, advisory boards, and many outlets that provide wealth management services and assesses investment options. 

Wealth.ng App Sign up

Use the steps below to sign up Wealth.ng app and log in to your account.

Sign up using pc

  • Open your browser and in the search box type https://wealth.ng/wealth/signup
  • Fill in all the details required ( first name, last name, phone number, email password)
  • Click on the small box below to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click sign up

Sign up from your mobile app

  • Click on the Wealth.ng app to open on your mobile device
  • Click sign up and fill in all details needed
  • Once you are done click sign up.

How to login Wealth.ng App

  • Open the app / open your browser
  • Click on login
  • Provide your email address and password to login to your account.

How to download Wealth.ng App

To download the Wealth.ng app on your mobile app, kindly go to your playstore and then in the search box type Wealth.ng app. Click on the app to download and after which it installs. Once this process is done you can now start making use of the app on your mobile phone.

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