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Apps That Give Free Internet – Have you just ever sat down and thought what it would be like without data or an internet connection on your smartphone or mobile device. If you haven’t thought of it, it means you must have experienced it.

Okay, here is another one. What of an app that gives you free data or internet connection, ensuring that you can access the web for free. That sounds great, right?

apps that give free internet

Free internet has always been a topic among people. Once in a while, it would be great to just browse the web knowing the bills aren’t on you.

Basically there are three ways of accessing free internet. Either through your mobile service providers, Wi-Fi, or apps that give free internet.

What! Who would have thought? There are actually apps that give free internet and this guide is going to enlist some of them.

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10 Simple Apps That Provide Free Internet

1. KickBit App

One of the good things about this app is that you can actually get it from your device’s app store. You don’t need to start searching your browser or using any third-party app store.

After downloading the app, open it, and start answering surveys and solving its various tasks. In return, the app offers you free internet data for your generous services.

2. Gigato App

Like KickBit you can find it on your app store and it’s also free. What amazes people about most of these apps is the fact that they are free. Before downloading some of these apps, I concluded that they might be paid apps, but to my surprise, they weren’t.

You earn free internet data by using the app and checking out the other apps on its platform. You would always be given more data than the one you consumed while using the app.

3. Swagbucks App

This app doesn’t just give free internet data but also real money. At first, it works more like a reward app, rewarding you for every basic action you take on its platform.

Its rewards are not just about mobile data and free internet data but money. For instance, there is a cash reward when you join the app newly.

Basically, you complete tasks like shopping, watching videos, and other simple stuff you probably love doing.

4. Databack App

This is one of the best apps that could help you earn free internet data on almost all kinds of network connections. There is an internet data reward for joining and also one for referring someone.

With this app, you don’t need to worry about your device using 4G or 3G as it also offers free data for 2G, 3G, or 4G connections. Download and install the app from your device app store, then open it and proceed to register your details and mobile number.

Once you start referring friends, you would start earning free internet data and would able to redeem it once you earn up to 120MB.

5. Mcent App

Most of the apps listed on this guide can all be downloaded from your device app store making it easy for you to download it. Also reducing the risk of your device getting infected with any malware or viruses. So is this one.

Once you finish installing the app, open it, and get started. You would find some apps that you need to check out to earn credits or Talktime which you could convert to internet data.

It’s great because you won’t consume as much internet data while accessing the apps as they will credit you.

6. TaskBucks App

One of the interesting things about this app is that it doesn’t just give free data but also free credit or Talktime.

Once you download the app from your device’s app store, enter the referral code of the person who referred you to this app. If nobody did, skip this step and proceed to sign up thereby earning your Sign Up reward.

Once you start referring people and they follow the same process you did: Download the app, enter your referral code, and successfully sign up, you would be rewarded.

7. HotSpot Finder App

While this app does not exactly give free internet data or data connection that you could use to browse the web, it does something unique.

As the name suggests, it searches for available Wi-Fi around you and connects it to your device. Thereby granting the free internet browsing request. You’d just be surfing the web on someone else Wi-Fi.

8. Paytunes App

This is one very interesting app, it operates rather uniquely. If you get a lot of calls on your device, this might be the best app you’d learn about today.

Imagine an app that replaces your ringtone with advertisements and pays you based on the number of calls you get, Incredibly great. I know what you thinking, you’d just use another of your mobile device to keep calling your registered device.

Bad idea, Paytunes already thought of that and kept some measures in place to make sure that and any other prank(s) anyone would play wouldn’t work.

9. FreedomPop App

This is a quite famous mobile service provider that basically offers free internet, messaging, and Talktime plans. It’s free to use although it does seem better to pay for its services as there are some features you won’t have access to unless you become a paid customer.

Easy to set up once you download the app. Do note that for this service to function fully on your device, your device must be compatible with Sprint.

10. Earn Talktime App

It works just like the Gigato App and Mcent App in the sense that you have to check out apps on its platform. One of the few differences about this one is that it pays out money instead of free data connection and credits or Talktime.

You get different categories of money for downloading different apps. Furthermore, you could also earn rewards by referring people to this platform.

Okay, my list is going to end here. These are some of the best, well-selected, and most positively reviewed apps that give free internet data.

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