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How To Contact Facebook – Facebook Customer Care – Facebook Help Center | Facebook Customer Support

Facebook is a popular social media network for many years, which has over millions of users all over the world. This social media was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004.

He and his associates/administrators are responsible for the design, maintenance, and improvement of this social media platform. While developing this site, some things were put in place to aid communication between users and their administrators. That is How To Contact Facebook Help for support.

How To Contact Facebook Help

Which some users are unable to access due to the lack of online information in this area, which is the reason why we are giving a step by step guide on How To Contact Facebook help support, whenever you face such situations or when you see a post you don’t approve.

The information on how to report such unwanted views, post, and comments to prevent the user from seeing such are listed below.

These are the likely questions in mind before contacting the platform

Why Do You Want To Contact Facebook Help?

  • Recover hacked account with Facebook
  • Reset password
  • Problem with page
  • Recover disabled account
  • Cant receive code to reset
  • Shot down of Facebook account
  • Unable to edit information

Note: The information below is useful to both Android (messenger, Facebook apps) and PC Users.

Guide On How To Contact Facebook Help for Support

This Info will guide you on how to make a report on Facebook and a gradual guide on how to relate your report to the support of this administration.

  1. Go to in a browser or get a Facebook app from your playstore
  2. Enter your username and password, you will be logged in if you have an active account and your username/password is correct.
  3. Locate the post(comment, photo or anything you want to make a report on
  4. Locate the tool icon at the top right (the vertical/horizontal dots) depending on what you want to report.  
  5. A drop down will pop-up on the screen showing the following;
  6. Comment
  7. Like
  8. Share
  9. Add Tag
  10. Find Support or Report Photo
  11. Save
  12. Select Find Support or Report photo
  13. You can report the post after selecting a problem that fall into the category of what you want to report.
  14. Click/ Tap “Send feedback”


Hope this info was helpful, you can make reference to our ………… for more info on how to go about similar issues. Please don’t miss the part of letting us know if the information is not accurate so we can keep sharing helpful information with our customers.

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