Shopping on Instagram | Ultimate Guide to Instagram Shopping | How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

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Instagram is a social media platform where you can share photos and short videos for your followers to see. It is owned by Facebook and it was designed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

Shopping on Instagram

Shopping on Instagram helps individuals to get closer to your product, therefore, exploring all the features and benefits of your products. With shopping on Instagram, you can share features of your products through the post or stories function, or interested clients can get access to your product through search and explore button.

With the increase in the adaptation of digitalized marketing, millions of individuals use Instagram to share their products to customers, therefore, making it easier for a customer to get a full break down of products they intend buying.

Why Shop on Instagram

With the advancement of technology on a daily base, digital marketing has been practiced by so many individuals. Social media platforms have the highest members online, which is one of the striving forms of digital marketing. So shopping on Instagram gives you the opportunity to meet active people online because it has millions of subscribers.

 With instagram having millions of subscribers online, customers have even greater opportunity to connect with the brands they love through the ability to quickly see relevant information like the price of the product, its functions, and the product description.

Additionally, once they’ve found an item to purchase, shoppable posts automatically provide links to corresponding product pages on your website so that customers can quickly add to cart and check out, or browse the remainder of your catalog.

How To Shop on Instagram

1. Make sure your Instagram app on your phone is updated.

2. Synced your Facebook Shop to your product catalog.

3. On your Instagram business profile, click the options tab and scroll down to products.

4. Click authenticates your Instagram business account via your Facebook account.

5. Upload your product photo.

6. Tag your products.

7. Hit share and your post with your shoppable tagged products are live!

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