Marketing on Facebook 2019 | The Ultimate Guide For Successful Marketing Through Facebook

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Facebook is one of the means by which digitalized marketing is being carried out. Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms with billions of members. Marketing on facebook draws you closer to active members which are in need of products or services you render. Facebook records millions of members that come online on a daily base. This is one of the social media platforms where digitalized marketing is being promoted daily.

Marketing on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook has different forms but we are looking at facebook page marketing which is one of the strongest forms of marketing on the facebook handle.

How to Market on a Facebook Page

In order for you to market on Facebook, you will have to an active Facebook account and then create a Facebook page but we will focus on facebook page marketing. Facebook page is the section where information about your services is seen.

When people like a page and follow it, they get updates about your posts in their news feeds anytime you post.

When you have enough followers on your page, it will boost the strength of your page. The strength of using facebook page for marketing is base on the amount of followers you have. This means you have to share your page for you to have enough followers on your page.

Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Marketing.

  • Facebook page has no friend limit. On like the personal facebook account which has limit on the number of friends you can get which 5000 the facebook page has no limit when it comes to followers. You can up to billions of followers without restriction.
  • No permission to view content. In Facebook page, clients who are interested in your services are not restricted to check it out. Once the client likes your page it give the client unlimited access to go through your previous posts and present posts and profiles etc

How to Create a Facebook Page

Below are the steps to create a standard page to market your products and services.

  • Have a facebook account
  • Click on create a page
  • Give the name of the page
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Upload a cover picture
  • Add a description of your page in the about session
  • Post useful information about your product and services on your timeline
  • Then monitor the comments on every post you make


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