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Shopify Facebook Shop – More often, people always think they need a shop before they can start selling off their goods which make them delay or better still loose interest in doing such business, but not to worry I have good news for you. Something new, intriguing and fresh out of the box. I am talking about the Shopify Facebook Shop.

Shopify Facebook shop is a platform on Facebook where you start, grow and manage your business. Most individuals in the world today spend much time on social media without utilizing their full potential.

Shopify Facebook Shop -  Facebook Store

Do you know that with Shopify Facebook shop you don’t just while away your time on Facebook viewing pics and all those other stuff, you can get productive and turn your Facebook account into your shop.

 How to Start your Shopify  Facebook Shop

I know thoughts will be going through your mind like, How can it be done? Is it even possible? but think less cause you will be trilled after being shown how to go about all those stuff. So without wasting much time let’s look at the step on how to set up your own Shopify Facebook store from start to finish in a few minutes.

  1. You first create a page, if already u have a page you can still use it.
  2. On your page at the top right corner, you click on settings.
  3. You then click on Templates and tabs at the left-hand side of your PC.
  4. A menu appears you scroll down and click on add a tab
  5. Another menu appears you scroll down and click on the shop
  6. It shows you what your link is you then click on save, the shop automatically shows in your tabs and templates.
  7. On your templates and tabs, you try to move your shop to the top so people can view it when they come to your page and eventually shop with you.

As easy as that, your Shopify Facebook store is ready for business. The store provides lots of features that could serve as helpful for your business.  Also with this Facebook Shopify shop your products can easily be shown to your clients and the transaction can be made right there online on Facebook app without much stress.

Spicing up your Shopify Facebook Shop  

Your shop been created and ready for business, what comes to your mind next is ”how can I make my shop beautiful” “ how can I make it attractive to people” . You will also need to set your shop currency, and how you want things to be bought from you. All these steps will be discussed in order for you to improve and manage your shop properly.

  1. When on your page you click on shop at the left-hand side of your PC
  2. Agree to the Microsoft terms and policies by marking the box and clicking Continue
  3. Choose either way you want your viewers to buy things from your shop
  4. When that is done, choose the currency you want your goods to be bought.
  5. You will  then see Welcome to your shop
  6. You scroll down and click on Add product.
  7. So you can add pictures, videos, name, amount, and description of the product you want to sell.
  8. Then you click save

With all these steps bin followed your ready and set for businesses. You can post products as u want so your viewers get varieties to choose from, it makes them constantly on your page after all variety is the spice of life.

After acquiring all these knowledge, there’s no room for Waiting, let’s go make money without stress. At the comfort of your bed, watch your account get credited daily.

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