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Selling via Facebook Messenger- Facebook provides a large community of people with lots of different interests and desires. This desire triggers motivation for people to exchange ideas and skillsets. This exchange of idea furthermore provides a basis for people to pay to acquire that skill or product. In a few words, Facebook provides a means for people to buy and sell.

Selling via Facebook Messenger

Since people with a need and those with the solution to solving the need connect on Facebook,  selling of products and skills can be done more effectively and efficiently. Also, because of the hours spent online, people would prefer to rather buy online while chatting with friends and family rather than going out to physical shops; hence selling via facebook messenger.

Why You Should be Selling via Facebook Messenger

You might wonder why you should take your business to Facebook and not any other market either online or physical. People think that Facebook is only for chatting with friends and family,  only because they do not know the advantages of Selling on Facebook Messenger. A few convincing ones are below.

  • The cost of marketing is very low: To market your product on Facebook is very cheap compared to other available strategies. Selling on Facebook Messenger helps to save lots of cash which would have been used for big advertising agencies. On Facebook, you can reach thousands of customers for just a little money which is very much considerable.
  • Selling to your targeted audience: Facebook has tools used for reaching the right audience for your products. Customers who have shown interest or are likely to show interest in your products are the target audience Facebook shows your products to. So, instead of going to look for people who have an interest in your products, Facebook brings these people to you.
  • Helping you monitor the success of your product: This may sound very impossible as you would have assumed the need of digital marketing strategist to do this work for you but with Facebook insight, a feature which Facebook uses to monitor very single post you’ve  made by giving you detailed info on how  well it is doing.

Opportunity for good branding and creating awareness for your products: Well, if you imagine the amount of time that people spend on Facebook,  then you will know that your capability of presenting your product in the desired way will attract all those customers,  increasing their curiosity to know more about the product and also try it out.

  • Massive increase in the traffic on your website: This is a big bonus for website owners. The ability to Sell on Facebook Messenger will help drive a great number of people to your website and as we all know, an increase in traffic means business is flourishing. So taking advantage of this is very great to reach to raise that traffic on your website.
  • Knowing your competition: You might not know how good the sales for your competitors are but you can learn a bit or two from these competitors. The way they brand their products and a lot more. Also through these means, you can know your competitor’s flaws and use it to your advantage to sell your products.

After reading this, I don’t see any logical reason why you shouldn’t dive in and start taking advantage of the opportunity Facebook has given to you. From as small as a mini-market to a large company as far as you have something to sell, you should not miss out on this. As they say “opportunity comes but once”.

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