How to Make Pancakes – Best Pancake Recipe For Everyone

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When I was little, about the age 8, mumI read a book titled ‘the big talking pancake’ which made me believe that pancake talks. I got home and told mom to make pancake for me without telling her the reason behind my request. Surprisingly, after making it, it could not talk and I looked like a fool after telling her the reason behind the pancake.


Anyways, I enjoyed it because I took it with a glass of milkshake. Pancake is a snack which is loved by children because of its sugar content, although some have less sugar. It gives a full tummy after eating. I think that’s the second reason why I love it.

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Best Pancake Recipe

This snack has different ways of preparation with different ingredients or recipes. Some make a bit task by adding pepper, salt, and others. I’ll give you the recipes for making sleek’s pancake.

  • Flour – 200g
  • Sugar- 50g powdered sugar
  • Milk- 100g preferably powdered milk
  • Egg- 3 large eggs
  • Salt, pepper, onion- for taste
  • Groundnut oil – 1 cooking spoon
  • Water – a glass of cold water
  • Flavoring(if desired)

The Major Tools for a Successful Pancake

Let see a list of some tool we need to successfully prepare pancake

  • A large bowl
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden stick
  • Sieve
  • Chopping board and kitchen knife
  • Egg whisk
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Let see How to Prepare

Let’s take this step as quick as we can.

  • In an empty large bowl, break and whisk your egg using the egg whisk. Chop your pepper and onion into the egg. Pour in your sugar and little salt into the bowl and stir properly.
  • Pour your milk into the bowl and stir. You can as well add the flavoring.
  • Fold in the flour gradually and add water to lessen the thickness making sure it coats the back of a wooden spoon.
  • In an empty saucepan, pour in a tablespoon of oil just to coat the pan and make it oily.
  • Using a cooking spoon, collect the mixture and fry turning it back and front until a fine brown color on some parts and not totally all shows up.

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