How to Use the Play Store’s New Interface on Android

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It’s normal for Google to refresh the UI of its Android applications—including the Play Store. A change made in mid-2021 puts large numbers of the menu things you should access in a substantially more subtle spot. We’ll show you where to look.

In April 2021, Google started carrying out a slight upgrade to the Play Store on Android. Like other Google applications, the primary menu was moved from the three-line “burger” button recently found in the upper left corner to the client’s profile symbol situated in the inquiry bar.

How to Use the Play Store’s New Interface on Android

While this is a little visual change—basically eliminating one symbol—it has a quite large effect on how exploring the application functions. You currently need to prepare yourself to head off to someplace else to check for application refreshes, see your library, and access the settings menu.

At the point when the new UI carries out to your gadget, you’ll notice the old cheeseburger menu symbol (three even lines) is blurred. Tapping it will uncover the message seen underneath, teaching you to tap your profile symbol. The old slide-out menu will be pursued this.

From this point forward, to get to the menu in the Play Store application on Android, you’ll need to tap your profile symbol on the correct side of the hunt bar.

This will extend a menu with every one of the choices you’re accustomed to seeing. This incorporates “My Apps and Games,” “Library,” “Installments and Subscriptions,” Settings,” your Play Points information, and the sky is the limit from there.

That is it! This is an apparently little change, however one that will surely take some becoming acclimated to. On the off chance that you access this menu a ton, you’ve presumably built up some muscle memory for the old area. The un-preparing starts now.

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