Sun. May 16th, 2021
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ProtonMail is surely one of the best-secured email services in Switzerland that gives one of the best free sucre messaging solutions on the internet. Just in case you are done with your course with the internet service and you wish to delete your account, you can do that immediately so no one gets access to your privacy.

Guide on How to Delete ProtonMail Account

Before You Delete Your Account

There are few things to note before deleting your account. It’s important to know note the following so you don’t have regret after deleting your account.

  • Once your account is deleted, you cannot create another account using the same user name.
  • Domain names cannot be changed but can only be switched and to achieve this you will have to purchase a premium plan and add the corresponding address as an alias
  • You can as well join protonMails accounts together but in doing this you will lose some data associated with the secondary accounts
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With this knowledge then you can now confidently decide to delete your ProtonMail account or not.

How to Delete your ProtonMail Account

Follow the steps below to delete your ProtonMail account immediately.

  • Login to your ProtonMaill account using your username and password correctly
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the home page
  • Your account page will open up, scroll down and move the cursor down to where you will see ‘Delete Account’
  • Click ‘Delete Account’
  • You would fill in the following text box explaining your reason for wanting to delete your account, your email address will also be needed, and lastly your password to confirm your decision.
  • After filling the text box then you can now click the ‘Delete’ icon.
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According to the procedures of ProtonMail, deleting of accounts takes up to two weeks for it to be deleted completely.

If you feel that you made a mistake in deleting the account and want to recover the account within the space of these two weeks, then you can email ‘ProtonMail support’ for help.

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