How to See Someone’s Liked Photos on Instagram

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When you get to take a look at the things that a person likes over Instagram, it will help you learn so much about their personality characteristics. This can also be a fun way of taking a look at what the kids, celebrity, boyfriend, girlfriend had been going through.

Sure if you can see a specific post on your wall and search that the person in question has liked, you will get the information immediately. This is the traditional way and can take so much of your time, also it doesn’t seem very useful either.

How to See Someone’s Liked Photos on Instagram

See Someone’s Liked Photos on Instagram

Since, 2019 October, you can’t officially see another individual’s activity on the Instagram application. This used to be a simple task before. All one had to do was to go on your likes, choose the following tab and you could see the activity of the other person.

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But Instagram gradually saw this as a violation of private information and they completely removed the feature. You can still see this, but it is a much bigger task now.

Here are the steps that you need to take:

  • Go on the profile of that person.
  • Choose the ‘following’ tab and you can see all of the profiles that this person follows.
  • Now see the posts of the profiles and you will be able to see that the person has liked any of those.

Can you see someone’s Likes on Instagram If You Don’t Follow Them?

There are sometimes, thee need to check the activity of people for specific reasons, and the demand can be seen increasing each day. In case you aren’t on the list of a person that you want to see the activity. You can make use of another app called KidsGuard Pro. This is an activity tracker for all of your apps, and the best part is that you can download them for Android and iOS devices as well. Here you will be able to see the activities the person had on Instagram for instance, likes, posts, messages, screen time, and event notifications.

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It is a kind of tracking app and will also be able to run in the background of the targeted device. It will be helpful for parental control as the parents can be sure if their children aren’t going for any suspicious activity that can lead them into trouble.


Keep in mind that the person can also hide their activity. And this will make it impossible to see what they have liked. This can be done by turning off the ‘show activity statuses’ from their setting option. Now, this is going to prevent anybody from looking at what they did on Instagram.

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There are some applications that you will see on the App Store and Play store, for tracking another person’s activity. But, keep in mind that many of them will need you to make payments, and not all will be legitimate either.

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