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How to Search For Singles On Facebook – Maybe you’ve been looking for singles to start a relationship within the wrong place with online dating sites which are very good at matching people. Why don’t you try out Facebook?

Great platform with almost 2 billion people doing fun and exciting things on the social media network. Facebook has this informal style of operation that allows people to interact on any basis, unlike any other social media site.

Thus searching and finding a single on Facebook isn’t a hard task given that you know how to search for singles on Facebook. Keep reading to get answers to that question.

how to search for singles on Facebook

Ways to Search For Singles On Facebook

Straight to the point as we will be listing tested and trusted ways to find singles on Facebook. Before you get to finding singles on Facebook, you might want to turn your relationship status on Facebook to “Single”. This way you create an atmosphere to carry out your intentions.

1. Facebook Friends

Have that friend on whose photos or posts on Facebook drive you out of this world. Just go to their profile on Facebook and verify their relationship status.

If single, you’ve just got yourself a single. You could message the person on Messenger or start slowly by merely commenting softly and soothingly on the person’s recent post.

2. Mutual Friends

A friend of a friend can also be single if you look closely enough. Check out Facebook profiles of close friends on Facebook whom you know personally and check the “Mutual Friends” tab.

Browse the tab and you might just find a single perfect for you. If you can’t find a single on your Facebook friend list, you might find in your Facebook Friend’s friend list.

3. Use the Search Bar

The search bar at the top of the Facebook newsfeed page could also prove very helpful if you know how to use it. Just tap on it and type in a keyword relating to what you want in which in your case is Singles.

For instance, you could type Singles Below 40 or Singles Living in xxxx, North Dakota. Facebook search engines will provide you with results that best fit what you searched for.

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Facebook Features to Help You Find Singles On Facebook

1. Suggested Friend List/ Friend Requests List

Both are very popular features on Facebook. While one shows you people based on your activities on Facebook whom you should send friend requests to, the latter shows you people who have sent you friend requests on Facebook.

Check out your recent friend request list for singles. Also check their profiles to ascertain if they share interests with you.

Do the same for the people Facebook suggest to you, then try liking and commenting on their pictures. If they reply to your activities on their posts then you could consider sending them a friend request.

This is another way to find singles on Facebook. Explore their lives through their Facebook profiles. This method seems very strenuous, the reason you might want to consider the next 3 options.

2. Facebook “Discover People”

This is one very vital feature when trying to find singles on Facebook. The Discover feature could make your search quick and easy.

With this feature, you can search by location, work, relationship status, age and so on.

3. Facebook Dating/Singles Groups

This is the second surest way to search for singles on Facebook. Facebook groups like any other groups amass a collection of people with the same aim and likewise interests.

Hence a single or dating group will be filled with people ready for different kinds of relationships. Login to your Facebook account and on the newsfeed page hit on the three people icon in the top bar. Then click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon and type singles or dating group in to the search bar.

Filter the results by selecting “Singles”. Then select a group you wish to join. There might be questions especially if it’s a closed group.

Join numerous groups thereby increasing your chance of finding singles on Facebook.

4. Facebook Dating

The feature Facebook released to contend with sites already in the dating industry in the likes of Tinder and co. This is the perfect platform on Facebook to search for singles on Facebook with efficiency.

Locate the Facebook dating tab on the hamburger menu and click on it. Then create a different Facebook account for dating which no one else would know of apart from you.

Facebook dating will suggest dates and singles to you based on the details of the account you created and your activities on the Facebook dating platform.

With these few tips, how to search for singles on Facebook should only be a question of time and your zeal to find singles on Facebook, Goodluck.

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