GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00 Free Download

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GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00 is the popular free download version of the main WhatsApp application for Android phones with lots of mind-blowing features.  It’s got related social applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

WhatsApp allows its users to chat with other uses as far as there’s great WiFi/ internet connectivity. Its features involve sharing files, pictures, documents, and more.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00 Free Download
GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00 Free Download

GB WhatsApp APK

Lots of added characteristics are available once you download GB WhatsApp. Features like auto-reply, sharing live locations, monitoring your messages, and more.

GB WhatsApp is easier and faster to download and it’s the perfect app for constant WhatsApp users to converse with other people.

Best Features of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00 cool free download features will be mentioned below, read on and find out what they are.

  • Talk to people around the world: It makes conversing with people all over the world convenient.
  • Enjoy the feeling of being an Admin/Group Leader: you’ll be able to set up a group chat that will let you send files and organize Meetings.
  •  GB WhatsApp has an auto-reply function to send messages at ease: It’s frustrating at some point, getting to send similar messages over and over again. With the mind-blowing feature of auto-sending messages at ease is pretty cool.
  •  DND Disable Functionality: check out this unbelievable GB WhatsApp feature that allows you to turn off the internet connection for WhatsApp only letting you concentrate on other stuff that’ll need a data connection. I.e. a business meeting, a pretty cool game, etc.
  •  Broadcast Text Messages to Large Groups: With GB WhatsApp, sending messages to a group of people at the same time is possible.
  •  Channel Your Messages Using GB WhatsApp: channeling your messages using GB WhatsApp is more like clearing your messages at once saving you the stress of selecting them one by one.
  •  Live Location with Friends: you get to share your location which feels really safe.
  •  Added Effects Options for Pictures and Video: you get to redo your images to what suits you best or gives you the look you want. It’s got highlights effects, various stickers, channels, and other cool choices that you might discover in customary photograph altering applications.
  •  Send Large Files and Pictures: You get to send records, files, pictures, documents, etc… to GB WhatsApp users.
  •  Alter Your Font: GB WhatsApp allows you to add lots of text styles, huge text, styles little text styles, and more depending on what you’ll prefer.

The aforementioned features are top-notch. Who wouldn’t want to have this amazing app GBwhatsapp download on their smartphone? No one.


The few basic requirements needed to enjoy GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00 are:

  • A great data connection.
  • A smart phone
  • A downloaded and installed version of  GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00

You’re good to go to with does basic requirements for GB WhatsApp.

Don’t miss out on GB WhatsApp Pro APK v10.00, go ahead and download this amazing app for free and be entitled to all of its mind-blowing features.

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