For Sale on Facebook Marketplace – How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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For Sale on Facebook Marketplace – In the recent past, say a couple of years ago when you think of online marketing platforms, Facebook does not come into mind, this is because Facebook was primarily known for the fact it is only a social media platform. However, these thoughts have changed in recent times as Facebook is now giving big names online marketing platforms such as eBay and Gumtree a good run for their money with the introduction of their in-app marketing platform, Facebook Marketplace.

For Sale on Facebook Marketplace

The For sale on Facebook Marketplace simply put is a ‘marketplace’. It is a feature of the popular social media network, Facebook which allows users to buy and sell varieties of items and promote their business brands as well. The Facebook Marketplace is a digital destination for a marketer or a seller to display items they will like to sell or own items they will like to part with, as well as it serves as a destination for buyers to explore displayed listen and place order for purchase via Facebook Messenger because it has no “buy now” feature which leaves both the buyer and seller responsible for the transactions.

Selling items on Facebook Marketplace just requires you to own a Facebook account and it is absolutely free to join and free to sell items on the platform. The Marketplace allows other Facebook users within your local community to be able to go through your listings and even message you to place orders via Messenger or the comments section under the item for sale.

How to Post Items for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

Selling an item on Facebook Marketplace is as easy as you can think of as long as Facebook’s requirement is met which is to own a Facebook account. So, as a prospective seller of items on the Facebook Marketplace, you must sign up for an account to be able to get access to the Marketplace. Here are the steps to make sale of items on Facebook Marketplace;

  • Login to your Facebook account at
  • Click “Marketplace” located on the left menu bar
  • Click on “Sell Something”
  • Follow the prompts to set up your location, photos, and description to sell items.

Tips For Selling On Facebook Marketplace

We will be walking through some of the tips that will help you sell the items you want to part with easily. There are certain things that catch the customer’s eyes, some of the tips are;

  • Fix reasonable prices: Buyers are more inclined to buy your item if the can see a bargain. So, once they can tell a difference in price between buying the item brand new and second hand you might just have your self a buyer.
  • Render detailed description: It is always best to put your best foot forward first. That is, as a seller you should always be honest about the item up for sale. State if it is scratched or has a broken bit off, as such details will reflect on you as trustworthy.
  • Take Clear photos: This is one important tip you don’t want to miss out on because photos are what focuses the buyers’ attention on your listing so take as many photos as possible with different angles. This will give them a visual representation of what they have in mind.

These are some ways you can successfully sell items on Facebook Marketplace and it does not require much work. Selling an item on Facebook Marketplace helps to get more reach with not just you locals but all across the globe.

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