Amazing Features That Are Available On The New Ios 15 Facetime

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Features That Are Available On The New Ios 15 Facetime – California Apple today announced iOS 15, a major update with awesome powerful features that enhance the iPhone experience. iOS 15 makes FaceTime calls more natural, introduces SharePlay for shared experiences, Apple Maps unveils beautiful new and easier ways to explore the world, Weather is redesigned with full-screen maps and more graphical displays of data, Wallet adds support for home keys and ID cards, and browsing the internet with Safari is even simpler with a new tab bar design and Tab Groups.

Amazing Features That Are Available On The New Ios 15 Facetime

iOS 15 also includes new privacy controls in Siri, Mail, and more places across the system to further protect user information. The new feature is called SharePlay. Basically, SharePlay lets you do awesome more things when you’re on FaceTime calls. You can watch a movie as a group or listen to a song together, and anyone on the call has the power to pause the movie or rewind the song.

How To Use The iOS 15 Facetime

Before initiating Facetime ensure you have data or a strong network connection, the following are steps on how to use iOS 15 Facetime:

  • On your iPhone screen, tap on the FaceTime icon.
  • Click on the New FaceTime and enter the contact you’d like to call.
  • Tap the green FaceTime button.
  • During the FaceTime call, swipe up, open one of the apps that support SharePlay.
  • Select a TV show or movie and press play.

Features That Are Available On The New Ios 15 Facetime


 You can bring movies and TV shows into your FaceTime calls and enjoy a rich, real-time connection with your friends while watching the same content at the same time.

Share your screen

There is a feature on the iOS 15 that enables you to share your screen to bring web pages, apps, and more into your discourse on FaceTime.

Shared Music Queue

When listening to music together, anyone in the call can add songs to the shared queue or pause it.

 Multiple device support

 This allows you to Connect over FaceTime on your iPhone even while you are watching video on your Apple TV or listening to music on your HomePod.

Portrait Mode

Inspired by the portraits you take in the Camera app, only your face and shoulder is visible Portrait mode in FaceTime blurs your background and puts the focus on your face.

Synced Playback

This allows you to Pause, rewind, to a different scene while everyone’s playback remains in perfect Unison.

Auto Volume

This is design to help your phone dynamically respond to changes in volume controls automatically adjust audio so you can hear your friends clearly even during a loud scene or climactic chorus.

Mode Of Communication

This feature enables you to choose the mode of communication that is suitable for your group. ie text, audio, or video 


A link is provided to you that you can use to invite friends into a FaceTime call using a web link that can be shared anywhere.

Dynamics Voice Mode

This microphone mode feature spotlights your voice only by using machine learning to identify noises and block them out. So a leaf blower outside, a working vacuum cleaner or a dog barking in the next room won’t interrupt your call.

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