Facebook Live Map | How to Use Facebook Live Map – What Happened to Facebook Live Map?

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Facebook Live Map – Facebook live videos have been one of the various vital ways through which people kill boredom on Facebook. There is the “Facebook Watch” where you can find all interesting videos but then you click on the “Live” tag and you find all interesting videos that are currently being broadcasted.

The Facebook Live Map is the cool new easy way to find all Facebook live videos. A platform that brings all Facebook live streams to one point on Facebook.

Facebook Live Map

Facebook Live Map Main Features

The new Facebook tool highlights all Facebook live broadcasts around the world to one point enabling users to easily find all Facebook live videos. Prior to this tool finding live videos on Facebook was quite frustrating.

The only way to find live videos was to either subscribe to its broadcasters or get notifications from friends on Facebook who are using the Facebook live feature. The ease and artistry Facebook live Map brings to finding Facebook live videos is unique.

The map displays little dots across the planet which are live videos streaming around the world. The bigger the dots, the more viewers that particular live video has, clicking on the dot would expand it and enable you to see live comments from the video.

How to Use Facebook Live – Basic Guide to Broadcasting On Facebook Live

How to Find Facebook Live Map

Open a web browser on your device and search www.facebook.com/livemap. You would get directed to a page with all Facebook live videos from around the world with a map feature.

Furthermore, you could also access this tool through the Facebook app. Open the Facebook app and click on the Live video app by the left menu on your Facebook newsfeed page.

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Using the Facebook Live Map Tool

On the live map page, there is a sidebar where you can find all top-ranked live videos. Hover over any videos on it to get a live preview of the video.

Only live videos that have viewing privacy set to public will be shown on the map. Drag the map around to see what’s being broadcasted around the world.

Double click on the map or use the “–“or “+” button on the bottom right corner of the map to zoom in to a region. After zooming in on a region, hover over any blue dot to find out what’s being streamed in that region. Doing this will also point you to where people around the world are watching from.

Like I stated before the bigger the dots, the more viewers that live video has. The location of both streamers and viewers are protected. This is because the map only provides you with a general or wide tag of their location.

What Happened to Facebook Live Map – Facebook Live Map Not Working

Facebook Live Map as of its release only worked on desktops means Facebook users could only access this tool via Facebook web through a PC or computer. In 2019, the feature was rather removed and Facebook users couldn’t access it anylonger.

A Facebook spokesperson reportedly said that Facebook shut down the Facebook map tool because it wanted to work on its video pages. It was also stated that the live map tool on Facebook had a low amount of users.

For one it would be logical to think the tool put a lot of power in Facebook user’s hands that Facebook couldn’t control.

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