Facebook Influencers – Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Influencer Marketing

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From Cristiano Ronaldo to Vin Diesel, Eminem, Rihanna, Messi, Will Smith, Adele, these are some of the all-time top Facebook influencers in no particular order. Like Instagram or Twitter Influencers, Facebook influencers influence decisions made by quite a lot of people.

With the right Facebook influencers, you can advertise and generate more awareness of your business and its services. The noun “influencer” means people or things that influence other people’s decisions and thought.

Getting the right influencer on Facebook is like securing an expert sales personnel. They advertise and bring people’s interest to your business on Facebook through common Facebook actions.

facebook influencers

Facebook Influencers work differently, some prefer to post video content, while for some they just update their Facebook status. Most Facebook influencers tend to use Facebook Live feature as some engage with the Facebook community via fan pages and groups.

The more reason you want a close to perfect influencer for your business. The key is to find the right influencer for your line of business willing to accept your payment terms and conditions.

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How to Find the Best Influencer For Your Business

This article will be providing you with tips on how to get a perfect influencer for your business. Foremost, you want to identify your business. A small or growing business means you can’t go for any top influencer on Facebook, hence adjust your coat to your size.

Secondly, identify your business niche or line and influencers that share or are related to the same niche. For instance, you are in the fashion niche, for a growing business, it’s best to try out an upcoming actor, model, artist, or comedian.

There are tools like the Influencer discovery tool which help make the search easier. By using this tools you could identify and check out various influencers related to your line of business.

Create a list of influencers that suits the guides above, then proceed to the next big step.


You finally found some influencers but you just can’t go straight to contacting them. Find out some basic information about them, this will further improve your chance of finding the right one.

  • What do you want in an influencer? Do you want an influencer that does video content, written content, or images? Do you want one that is direct and influences it like a full time the Facebook ad or you want an influencer that advertises your product in a cool way?
  • Influencing Capability: This is very important, you must be able to identify just how strong an influencer is. The amount of followers and engagement skills of an influencer matters a lot when trying to create awareness about a product or service.
  • Strong influencers usually have more followers that followed.
  • Also, take note of the level of engagement on an influencer page. Study it so you can deduce how that huge amount of followers are engaged by its influencer. If the engagement level is low and it seems like the followers are dormant and quiet, drop the Influencer.
  • People’s Review About the Influencer also matters. Ask questions on Facebook or set-up a survey to find out how people feel about the influencers you’ve selected.

After going through with these tips, your list should have been reduced to an extent. Therefore, we proceed to the last step.

Payment Methods

Being in this stage means you’ve gathered some perfect influencers, now you have to design the best deal out of the partnership. This is the part where you contact the influencers.

As I earlier stated for small or growing businesses, your best option is to get an upcoming influencer. if you did that, the influencer will have to charge you reasonably. Some brands provide their influencers with free products and services as payments.

While some use the “per” method, in which influencers are paid per engagement or activity. Sometimes depending on how good and influential the influencer is, the payment deal can be a combo of the two.

It’s left to you to pick out a payment method and market the idea to your respective influencer. Good Luck.

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