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Facebook Avatar Emoji – Just like on Snapchat with its bitmoji human-like cartoon, Facebook has recently launched a new feature that lets you create avatars. You could create avatars to look just how you want although most people would prefer an avatar that looks just like themselves.

The Facebook avatar can be created in the Facebook app as it does not have a different app that does that. When trying to create an Avatar app, you must have the Facebook app on your smartphone.

One of the great importance of the Facebook avatar is the fact that it allows users to express themselves using the avatars they create. When you create any Facebook avatar, Facebook automatically integrates it with your Facebook emojis.

facebook avatar emoji

Thus, all Facebook avatars you created can be used as smileys or stickers. Instead of the regular smiley icons or having to type how u feel, all you need is a Facebook avatar that depicts your emotions as of that moment.

Comment on posts on Facebook and reply messages on messenger with Facebook avatar emoji.

How to Create Your Facebook Avatar Emoji

  1. Once you’ve logged in to your Facebook account, tap on the Hamburger menu at the right side of your screen.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and tap on See More.
  3. Thereafter, tap on Avatars and then select Next.
  4. Now, you can start creating your Avatar. You could create an Avatar for every emoji expression you can think of using Facebook avatar creator easy prompts.
  5. Edit the Skin tone and colour, Face and body shape. Don’t leave any detail of your Facebook avatar untouched; try all. That is where the fun is. You just keep trying until you get the result you want.
  6. Click on the checkmark button, once you are done creating your Avatar.
    How to Design Your Facebook Avatar

Immediately I successfully created my Facebook avatar, I checked my Facebook keyboard and saw the Facebook avatar I created. This is how I found it.

How to Find Facebook Avatars/Emoji

The main use of emoji is to communicate a message, feeling or emotion. Hence, if you are going to use an Avatar as an emoji, it must be able to pass a certain lucid feeling, emotion or information to whoever it is being sent to.

On Messenger or on Facebook, while trying to type, you could use the Facebook avatars you created as an emoji. On the keyboard, click on the Smiley icon, locate the Avatar icon and click on it. All the Facebook avatars you’ve created will be there as stickers or emojis.

You could also go to the Facebook avatar tab where you created the Facebook avatar. There you will see your Facebook avatar waiting to be used. Click on anyone to use it.

Once you click on it, a prompt with a list of options you could use the chosen avatar for will appear. Choose an option and let the Facebook avatar do the trick.

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