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Best Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace – The Facebook marketplace has everything to make a perfect online shop. The only thing holding it back would be Facebook not releasing the tool to every part of the world yet. Facebook Marketplace has currently been launched in 70+ countries across Europe and the Americas and has amassed more than 800 million users.

As a seller on the Facebook marketplace; you can post up to 150 new products for sale daily. Posting this huge number of products doesn’t assure you would sell any of them. That’s why it’s important to know which products sell best on the Facebook marketplace.

best selling items on facebook marketplace

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The Best Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace

There are a lot of items being sold on this platform daily and there are some whose sales stand out. This is the list of the best-selling items on the Facebook marketplace;

  • Fashion Wears; generally, fashion wears are the best selling items online. Bags (hand & leather), Eyeglasses, Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Boots, Clothes, and so on.
  • Sports Accessories and Wears.
  • Cars and its various accessories i.e car seat hooks or car storage box. Just peripheral or additional car accessories. No wise person would buy a car engine or brake pad on Facebook from someone you’ve never met and have no trust in.
  • House Wares i.e furniture, repair kits, microwaves, cables, electronics.
  • Kitchen accessories i.e Spoons, Stoves, and its various accessories, plates e.t.c.
  • Toys for kids and pets.

With this information, you can conclude on which items to sell on the Facebook marketplace. While Fashion wears are the best selling items because they sell pretty fast and you stand to gain a lot of profit from selling them, there is also a bulk load of sellers into fashion wears. This will create a high rate of competition among sellers thereby giving buyers a lot of options.

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Tips That Will Help You Sell Better On Facebook Marketplace

Yes, if you process the little data above well, you could sell more effectively on the Facebook marketplace. But that doesn’t guarantee good sales, the secret to selling on the Facebook marketplace is understanding your region and the needs of the people in that region.

  • Do not start out big. Start by selling locally and subsequently you can put the experience you’ve gained into selling regionally, nationally, or continentally.
  • Research; If you are selling locally, means your customer base is going to be the people around you. So you might want to find out what is scarce there that you could trade on the Facebook marketplace.
  • Join Buy and Sell Facebook groups to know what people are selling and how they are selling.
  • Take good and valid pictures of your products for sale.
  • Share your Facebook marketplace items for sale products in all ways you can.
  • Be consistent. Do not switch from one range of products to another every now and then.
  • Try to be cool with buyers. If a buyer likes your products and the way you sell them, surely they will return for more and better, spread the news about your work.
  • Also, try offering delivery. This is one of the best tips anyone could give you because it will really attract a lot of buyers to you.

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