All about Facebook Messenger Crazy Ball 3D Game

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Crazy Ball 3D Game  – Facebook messenger games have almost taken over the world of online games as there are many users on the Facebook platform. The Facebook messenger crazy ball 3D has over seven hundred active users on the platform.

This game is a single player game this is filled with lots of fun. The game also has a multiplayer section. This section allows you to play this game with your Facebook friends. Using the tabs from the homepage, you can add your friends, view the top players in the world, and even see all the medal owners.

Crazy Ball 3D Game

How To Play The Facebook Messenger Crazy Ball 3d Game

Playing Crazy Ball 3D Game  – Facebook messenger games have almost taken over the world of online games as there are many users on the Facebook platform that requires you to use a mouse to swipe the ball sideways just to avoid obstacles. When playing the game for the first time, you would be prompted to do so. Just moving your mouse allows you to control the ball.

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This really brings a sense of fun and action in just one package. When you hit an obstacle, you would instantly fail and you would be asked to wait for some time before you can play the game again. If you do not want to wait, you can just watch a short video to skip it.

After every round, you would be shown adverts. You can also change the skin color of your ball just to make it look more appealing to you. There is also a gift tab that you can use to collect jewels and online prizes. After viewing the reward, click on the “get rewards” tab to claim your reward.

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I must say, playing Crazy Ball 3D Game is really fun but you need a Facebook account before you can play this game. The main reason for this is because the game is hosted by Facebook and you need a Facebook account to share your high scores.

For time’s sake, I would not add how to open a Facebook account. If you want to open a Facebook account, kindly search the Google platform for more information. Here, let’s take a look at how to log in to Facebook and play the facebook messenger crazy ball 3d game.

How To Play Facebook Messenger Crazy Ball 3D Game

To play the game,

  • Log in to Facebook using your account details.
  • From the homepage of your account, click the games tab.
  • Search the new tab for “crazy ball 3D”.
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Once you find the game, click on it. When it is loaded, click on play now, and choose between multiplayer and single player.

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