YouTube Starts Showing Real-Time Subscriber Count; Here’s How it Works

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YouTube has been attempting to add numerous new features to the online streaming service for as far back as couple of months. We have seen the organization add spring up messages for disdain remark postings and an AI-based keen answer include. Presently, the organization has now begun showing the constant supporter check by means of 9to5Googlein YouTube Studio.

YouTube Starts Showing Real-Time Subscriber Count; Here’s How it Works

YouTube Studio never made some real-time subscriber count dashboard until the present time. One hosted to depend on third-gathering stages, for example, Social Blade for subscriber tally update continuously. In any case, even with that, the outcome could marginally vary in contrast with the authority tally.

Presently, content creators can simply sit and watch their number of subscribers in real-time progressively in the YouTube Studio dashboard on their work area. It currently includes a real-time subscriber counter under the “Analytics” tab

How to See Real-time YouTube Subscriber Count

Here are the basic few steps in which you can see your real-time YouTube subscribers.

  • Open your YouTube app and click on your profile picture
  • Click on the YouTube studio option
  • At the channel dashboard, click on the ‘Go to Channel Analytics’ icon on the channel analytics card
  • You would see the ‘real time’ card on the right side of the screen, this real-time now shows ‘live count’ button. Click on it
  • A new page would be shown to you including your profile picture at the top and the real-time subscriber count in the middle and a graph at the down.

There is a known YouTube supporter count chart, where you can change the time window going from the previous seven days to when you initially began your channel.


Nonetheless, we don’t have the foggiest idea how regularly the count is been refreshed. Different stages offer an “expected” number however for this situation, the subscriber could is definite and official. I can’t tell without a doubt if the YouTube constant subscriber count is live for all channels, huge or little, yet the feature is limited to the desktop version of the Creator Studio at this moment. It isn’t yet accessible in the YouTube Studio mobile application.

Thus, in the event that you are a content maker who’s moving toward a major supporter objective, you would now be able to depend on the authority continuous YouTube subscriber counter rather than outsider administrations.

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