Tim Wu, the ‘father of net neutrality,’ is joining the Biden administration

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Tim Wu — the Columbia law educator who begat the expression “unhindered internet” — is joining the Biden organization, where he’ll be chipping away at innovation and rivalry strategy at the National Economic Council.

Tim Wu, the ‘father of net neutrality,’ is joining the Biden administration

Tim Wu is a noticeable voice on the web, as quite possibly the most notable supporters for a free and open web. He’s gone through years contending for the idea of unhindered internet — the possibility that the web ought to be liberated from choking or control from the public authority or organizations that give it.

He’s additionally been a conspicuous voice lately regarding the matter of antitrust guidelines against huge tech organizations like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, contending that these organizations have gotten excessively huge and need rivalry.

His 2018 book, The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age, contends for a re-visitation of twentieth century antitrust separations in the style of Teddy Roosevelt. “I think everyone’s steering way away from the monopolies, and I think it’s hurting innovation in the tech sector,” said Wu in a Vergecast interview at the time.

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