Tiktoks’ New Q&A Feature now Make it Easier For Creators to Respond to Fans.

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Tiktoks’ New Q&A Feature now Make it Easier For Creators to Respond to Fans.. – The social media app ‘TIKTOK’ is really getting a large part of society whereas having a large number of users now and by so doing the app sees more room for more improvement day by day to give its users maximum satisfaction using the.

Only creators with 10,000 followers are eligible to access this new feature from TikTok, which makes it possible for creators to host Q&A sessions with their fans.

Tiktoks' New Q&A Features

Every fan would love to know more about his/her model on social media, that way they feel more convinced and interested in what they do. Same also with the content creators, need responses and feedbacks about what they do from their fans which is necessary because it helps them evaluate what they do and how to do better to keep their fans going.

This feature in ‘Tiktok’ was spotted by ‘Matt Navarra’ known to be a social media consultant which he shared to his Twitter account after spotting it.  

How to use the Tiktok Q&A features

The Q&A features are just applicable to only creators with 10,000 followers on its platform and that way they are able to use the feature. Followers can get the Q&A feature from the app settings menu, there are two new icons displayed in that section which after clicking they will be able to type in their questions and submit them after typing through their profile page, comment, and posted videos.

That’s for fans sending in their questions. For responses to be made by the creators to the asked questions from their fans, the content creators can respond either by texting or video.

This feature serves as an added bonus to the app which also works with the ‘TikTok livestreaming feature.

If you are one of those creators that have up to 10,000 followers you can begin a good Q&A session with your fans so rush now to inform them of the new TikTok Q&A feature

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