The “undo send” feature is coming to Twitter

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Have you ever tweeted a post and feel like taking it off immediately? Lots of Twitter users want an “edit” button to fix their typos, the social media platform is currently working on something. Jane Manchun Wong is an internet undercover spy when it comes to the latest features of all our favorite platforms. The reverse engineer has undercover a feature yet to be announced, and this time, it’s a timer that gives users five seconds to undo their last tweet.

The “undo send” feature is coming to Twitter

This feature might be useful if you somehow spot an error in your tweet right before you hit send.  The UI and UX designer David Svezhintsev replied to Wong saying; “Well, in that case, I wish there was a preview of the tweet while watching that ticker go.”

This is the closest feature to an edit button we might get from the social media platform. Twitter users have been crying for an edit button since 2006. Unfortunately, the CEO of the platform confirmed in a YouTube interview. That the service would “probably never do it.”

The internet undercover spy, Wong was probably the first to discover that the social media platform was integrating newsletters courtesy of revenue.

We don’t know when the undo timer will be available for all users. Wong’s record is quite varied, sometimes she discovered new features months before they are officially released. Other times the released date doesn’t come too long after.

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