The MyPillow Guy Is Launching His Own Social Media Platform

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell showed up on the podcast of American moderate extremist Charlie Kirk to report that in around four or five weeks, he’ll dispatch a tech organization to equal standard online media stages.

The MyPillow Guy Is Launching His Own Social Media Platform

“All the influencers in this nation will actually want to go to and not stress over YouTube and really have the option to talk,” he says. “We’re dispatching this enormous stage, so every one of the voices of our nation can return and begin coming out with the simple truth of the matter once more.”

What Will Lindell’s Social Media Platform look like?

Lindell hasn’t enlightened us concerning some other insights regarding his forthcoming stage. He name dropped Twitter and YouTube, so you could expect that it’ll have writing for a blog or video transferring highlights to contend on that front, yet we know nothing without a doubt.

Conversation of his own online media stage to the side, Lindell invested the remainder of his energy in Kirk’s digital recording advancing his paranoid notion that an unfriendly unfamiliar country worked couple with progressive factions to take the political decision for Joe Biden.

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