Sun. May 16th, 2021
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One of the best streaming platform in the world is Spotify. This article contains all you’ll need to know concerning Spotify Premium Mod APK so read on and find out more.

Spotify Premium Mod APK

What’s Spotify?

Spotify is a streaming platform released in October 2008, based in Sweden and since it’s been launched it’s growth worldwide has been wonderful. Spotify is available to 79 countries on 5 continents around the globe.

This app has got 286 million active users per month and out of the 286 million active users, there are 130 million Spotify Premium subscribers. Wow! Over 50 million tracks are available on the platform so don’t just be a passer-by/ visitor, check out Spotify Premium Mod APK and stay.

How Spotify Premium Mod APK Works

 It’s cool if you don’t really know how Spotify Works, this article has got you thanks to our high-tech world right now make research and discovery fun and convenient from the comfort of your home, office, eatery, etc. For Spotify to Work, you’ll:

  • Head to the Spotify website.
  • Choose a Subscription tier ( Spotify free, Spotify Premium). 
  • Download the app ( from either Google Play Store or App Store).
  • Click on the app and sign in to your account.

Listen to all the Unlimited music Spotify Premium Mod APK has got to offer.

Spotify Features (Both Free and Premium)

Yes, Spotify was launched more than two decades ago but the fact remains that it’s loaded with great features and still evolves till date. The current features Spotify has of both the Free and Premium ones are:

 Spotify Free Features:

  1. Spotify Gift.
  2. Spotify Pets.
  3. Spotify Kids.
  4. Spotify Connect.
  5. Compatibility with different devices.
  6. Get the music’s if your choice in their best quality.
  7. Listen to some in group with friends.
  8. Ability to create playlist.
  9. It’s got over 50 million available tracks to listen to.
  10. You get to travel abroad with your music for up to 14 days.
  11. Select any track from the lists on your mobile phone and play at ease.
  12. It’s responsive and fast.
  13. You can create a playlist of your own.
  14. Podcasts and Audiobooks are available for users.
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Spotify Premium Features:

  1. All of the above with no restriction of any sort.
  2. It’s got no ads( meaning no interruptions).
  3. You can listen offline.
  4. High quality audio.
  5. Unlimited skips.
  6. Spotify Fee Trial. A three months of premium, you can cancel anytime you wish  to.

Different Spotify Premium Plans

They’ve got various Spotify Premium Plans. It’s more like you customizing the guy plan which is pretty cool considering the fact that your spending money to get the best music experience. The plans are:

  1. Spotify Premium Individual ( $2.58/month): this premium plan is perfect for you if your planning on using this app alone. All the features will still be accessible by you If you choose to go for this premium Plan.  
  2. Spotify Premium Student ( $4.99/month): now for a student that would love to go for a plan on Spotify, this Premium Plan is perfect for you. It also has 50% off the Subscription for up to 4 here.
  3. Spotify Premium Duo: this premium plan will be perfect for two people. Two couples, two partners, two homies, etc. There’ll be 2 premium accounts for one discounted price, Duo Mix will be available which means you’ll listen to tracks that are according to the tastes of both accounts.
  4. Spotify Premium Family: this premium plan is perfect for families up to 6 with an amazing feature called Family Mix. With this plan, everyone gets to have a playlist of their own based on the music tastes they’ve got.  There’s also a feature that lets parents control and access explicit music for the members of the family.
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Reasons To Avail Spotify Premium

A lot of people might want to gi for the Free version of Spotify which isn’t a bad idea but it isn’t advisable for serious music enthusiasts . The premium version is way better and below is why:

  • As a Premium user, you’ll get exclusive and early access to new albums from your favorite artists .
  • It saves you the stress of going through annoying and frustrating interruptions from ads while listening to music.
  • You’ll get to listen to up to 10,000 sins offline in the premium version.
  • With free, there’ll be restrictions on the number is times you can skip in the shuffled sections but on the Premium plan, you can skip as many as you like.
  • With Free, you’ll listen to only kilobits/ second or high quality 160 kbps while Premium let’s you listen to up to 320 kbps that’s allowed for a richer and detailed output.

Spotify vs. Other Music Streaming Platforms

Here’s a quick comparison between Spotify and other well-recognized music streaming platforms like Amazon, YouTube, and Apple. Read on and figure out more about them

Spotify vs. YouTube Music

  1. Spotify tends to boast more playlists for each genre than YouTube Music because Spotify is the largest music streaming platform in the world.
  2. Unlike YouTube, Spotify releases lots of music per week that’s suitable and pretty awesome to all it’s users.
  3. Spotify lets its users access over 700,000+ podcasts while YouTube Music focuses on music and music videos basically.

Spotify vs. Amazon Music

  • With Spotify, you’ll be able to listen to tracks on-demand without any cost and no ads but Amazon Music doesn’t let you.
  • No doubt, both apps are top-notch in music streaming and they are user-friendly but when we refer to websites, Spotify has got clean and minimal designs and intuitive controls.
  • Yes, they both have cool features, but Spotify holds the highest spot for people that want to listen to music.
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Spotify vs. Apple Music

  • Devices like speakers, consoles, and others ( as long as the device is Spotify Connect compatible) can get connected to Spotify but Apple Music allows it’s uses to connect to Apple devices basically.
  • If you love and want variety of playlists, Spotify is perfect fit for you but if your more of a radio lover then Apple Music is for you.
  • You get to have group sessions in Spotify that let you collaborate on a shared playlist.

Spotify vs. Pandora

  • Spotify offers beyond just the regular songs. It made podcasts available.
  • Spotify has tons of playlists based on your interest weekly. It lets you discover more.

Spotify Incorrect Username or Password

     Follow the quick fix to issues like  forgotten passwords or usernames . All you’ll need to do is:

  • Confirm your email and phone to be sure your making us of the right account.
  • Check out for Forgot Your Password and tap on it. Follow the instructions and get it back.  
  • Have an Apple or Facebook account linked to your Spotify to avoid forgetting your account info.

Uninstall Spotify from your Android or close the application on your PC then clear your catch and Dave password. Once it’s been linked to Apple of Facebook account. Reinstall and reopen Spotify, try logging in using your linked account, and log in to Facebook or Apple account. There you have it, that problems been solved and your good to go . Great job

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