Siri, What happened to you?

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Siri is the competent voice assistant in the Apple feature which functions by just talking to your iPhone instead of digging through to find settings and apps.

Siri, the first on any smartphone worked like magic but it now lags far behind its rivals; S voice and Bixby from Samsung, Google Now, and Google Assistant.

Amazon took the floor with an incredibly odd product of a voice assistant fray with a tubular speaker known as the Echo. Why would I want a speaker listening to me anyway?

Little did we know, that the Echo gave its virtual assistant Alexa a huge array of skills before the renowned Google Assistant shows how smart it is.

Apple can still turn things around for Siri even after the minor upgrades during all this inventions. She’s far from perfection now but has been recently getting some improvements, since Apple picked up an ex-Googler, John Giannandrea, to be its VP of machine learning and AI strategy back in 2018.

Watch how Siri would fight Alexa and the rest for her lunch. She’s definitely going to have the floor soon.

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