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Selling on Facebook Marketplace- The Facebook marketplace is known in almost every part of the world where Facebook is known. More so, the Facebook marketplace is an official get together platform where both buyers and sellers meet. However there are some restrictions to whom and who can access and use this Facebook marketplace. To learn more about the restrictions on whom and who can use the Facebook marketplace, you can visit the official Facebook help center page.


Is the Selling on Facebook marketplace trustworthy?

This is indeed an interesting question and so far from reviews, the Facebook marketplace I trustworthy. But that is no the big deal right? This is because those people might have been paid to make supporting reviews. However form my own experiences, I will say selling on Facebook marketplace is trustworthy and safe. After all, you are the one selling and not buying so your items cannot leave your hand until you are paid.

How to create a Facebook account

Now this is a very vital information you need to have by heart as much as much as you want to learn how to sell on the Facebook marketplace. To create a Facebook account;

  • Visit the official a Facebook homepage or website of which it’s URL is Alternatively, as a second choice, you can launch any Facebook app if you desire.
  • Now log out of any Facebook account if there is anyone logged in already.
  • Now that you are on the Facebook official home page, click on the icon indicating you can create a new account.
  • On the form page you are redirected to, enter the details you are asked to. While entering your details, you have to make sure they are real for quick and easy remembrance in case you are asked to secure or confirm your account in the future.
  • Enter your contact details and confirm it by completing the challenge you are given.

That is it for creating a Facebook account. Note that if the steps above are followed correctly, you will be instantly logged in on your Facebook account.

How to start selling on Facebook marketplace

As long as you have your Facebook account logged in, you can easily start selling on the Facebook marketplace. To do this;

  • On your desktop or PC, click on the marketplace link form your account newsfeed. If you are using a mobile device and you have problems getting there, you can use this link
  • Now click on the sell something tab and then on “item for sale”.
  • Enter carefully the title of your tem (this is also recognized as the keyword).
  • Now add your location, the price and choose a category that best suits the item.
  • Add some photos to describe your item and click on the post icon.

It is very simple. If you follow the steps above till the end, you would have successfully listed your item for sale on the Facebook marketplace and it would be visible to buyers.

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