Selling stuff on Facebook – Best ways to Sell Stuff on Facebook

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Selling stuff on Facebook – Facebook has become a market for people from small shop owners to big international companies, but still, there are still some people that do not know that it is possible to sell your stuff on Facebook.

If you are that person, then get ready cause you are about to learn something new.  Also if you do know but you are not yet selling, you should start as soon as possible.

The stuff to sell on Facebook are very numerous, ranging from simple stuff to large and complex stuff but still over 6 million people on Facebook, don’t you think that a lot of different people from different parts of the world would different likes and wants, different pressing needs would need different stuffs at different times.

Selling stuff on Facebook  -  Best ways to Sell Stuff on Facebook

Stuff to sell on Facebook

  1. Old clothes : One of the things that actually sell on Facebook are old clothes. If you have some clothes that are still good looking but you do not wear any longer can be easily sold at a cheaper rate to other people on Facebook.
  2. Phone accessories : phone accessories include charger, earpiece,  phone casing, phone holder and many more. All lot of people use phones everyday and these accessories help our phone usage easier and also beautifies our phones.
  3. Jewelleries : These include necklaces, earrings, wristwatches etc. This stuff is used by practically everybody, so selling these whether fairly used or brand new would really move the market.

Guess you didn’t know that these stuffs actually do sell on Facebook. They are good market selling point and cam also be marketed either brand new or fairly used. Other stuffs in this category include shoes and footwear, cosmetics ( powder, cream, etc whether homemade or company product  ), children stuff like toys cot, etc.

Best ways to Sell Stuff on Facebook

Knowing the right stuff to sell isn’t just enough, having the right place to sell the stuffs is also very necessary.  The best paces to sell on Facebook are popular, some which you might have heard before, others might be new to you but whatever be the case make sure you take advantage of these platforms presented to you below.

  • Facebook marketplace : This is not an e-commerce per say, but also a good means of selling those stuffs to people. Facebook marketplace gives the chance for the seller to display his products, the seller and buyer to negotiate but Facebook does not have any hand I’m the transaction as per the payments and things related to the transaction.
  • Facebook shop : The Facebook shop is practically e-commerce, with a business page, getting a facebook shop is pretty easy. In a Facebook shop, the transaction deal can be made from start to finish right there on Facebook without even leaving the website. Isn’t that taking care of the work even while catching fun with your friends?
  • Facebook Ad : This is one of the most effective ways of selling on facebook. The Ad service on facebook can be accessible for just a few cash. Facebook Ad will take your products to the right market that you want it to get to. Although you get to pay, it saves a lot of time and effort in getting people to buy your products.

Well, now you know that you can sell those stuff that was in your mind to sell. You also know the things that you could sell and the right place on facebook to go to, to sell this stuff. So what are you waiting for, start selling and start winning? You never know then need that is on their mind until you show them what you have to offer.

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