Porsche now owns almost a quarter of EV car maker Rimac

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Porsche has contributed an extra €70 million ($83.3 million) in Rimac, boosting its stake in the hypercar producer and EV part provider from 15 to 24 percent, Rimac has reported. Porsche joins Hyundai as a significant financial backer in Rimac, after the Korean automaker as of late put in €80 million ($95 million).

Porsche now owns almost a quarter of EV car maker Rimac

Why all the interest in Rimac, apparently a specialty producer of extravagance electric supercars? As Porsche noticed, the Croatian organization is additionally a significant maker of elite EV parts, including batteries and drivetrains. “Porsche has effectively put in its first requests with Rimac for the advancement of exceptionally creative arrangement parts,” said Porsche representative executive Lutz Meschke in an articulation.

In a meeting a year ago, CEO Mate Rimac said that his organization was likewise working with Hyundai, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Renault, and Pininfarina. He noticed that Porsche requested that his organization work on an (anonymous) vehicle being developed at that point, moving Rimac to “improve it” in a quarter of a year. “We figured out how to amaze them with the circumstance and execution of what we did,” he said. In a similar meeting, he added that Rimac was building “the battery and powertrain” for an exhibition situated in Hyundai EV.

Porsche previously put resources into Rimac back in 2018 when it procured a 10 percent stake. The organization has said that it’s keen on Rimac’s emphasis on execution, especially for models and restricted arrangement vehicles. “Rimac is well en route to turning into a Tier 1 provider for Porsche and different makers in the innovative section,” said Meschke. The organization has unquestionably demonstrated that with its own EVs like the Rimac Concept 2, a 1,900 pull electric hypercar that can hit 250 MPH and go from 0-60 in around 1.8 seconds.

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