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Online Shopping Sites With Free International Shipping – Most people have taken to online shopping by default as a result of the Pandemic. Online shopping sites have recorded an increase in sales this period and they have the stay at home order to thank for that.

Eventually, the pandemic will die down and we would be free to move around again. But would that decrease how we purchase items from online stores? I don’t think so. The only reason people would drop the pleasure of shopping online would be because of the ever-increasing shipping fees.

online shopping sites with free international shipping

However, there are online shopping sites with free international shipping. Online stores whose services would always be first-class and you somehow don’t have to pay for international shipping.

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8 Best Online Sites with Free International Shipping


A tech online store that deals mostly in games and related items. Like me, there are a lot of digital gamers out there looking for online sites where international shipping isn’t such a thing. Look no further, you’ve just found one.

Everything game from PlayStations to Nintendos and Xboxes. They also deal with other range of entertainment products such as CDs, comics, toys and so on.


Target’s online store is a typical grocery store with different ways to get a free shipping incentive. Groceries are basic stuff we can’t do without, thus to find an online store that deals in it and offers free international shipping, that’s a win win.

Target offers free two-day shipping on orders more than $35 and there are also programs or subscription plans that Target offers to help with the shipping fee. For instance, Target offers a subscription program where you order items and specify how often you want them delivered. Whatever items you pick is shipped and delivered free and you also get a discount on them.


We’ve listed a tech online store with free international shipping and there is also a grocery store with the same characteristics. How about a fashion online site with free international shipping?

ASOS is a huge online site with both male and female fashion wears aimed at young adults. The catch to getting free international shipping here is to spend more than $30.


This is a popular one, almost everyone likes Walmart for its efficiency and the fact that it’s trustworthy. Walmart has this plan where delivery is on the house given that the order is more than $35.

Products expected to be delivered within a day of their order such as food, health care products, and so on are tagged as next-day delivery on Walmart’s online site. As long as you order products tagged as such more than $35, you won’t be paying any fee apart from their prices.

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Book Depository

When it comes to online sites that sell books, this online store is a well-known one with its huge collection of books for buyers. Online book stores are known to offer free international shipping but not on the level this online site does.

Book Depository online book site offers over 20 million books with free shipping and delivery worldwide. There are also a few educational games to get here.

Its free shipping feature extends mostly to countries across Europe, North America, and South America. There are also some countries in Asia and Africa where you can order on this site expecting a free international shipping feature.


This online shopping site basically offers the same products YesAsia does. TheHut is a tech and electronic online shopping site where you can get all kinds of electronics free from international shipping fees.

Its electronics products include DVDs, CDs, Games, Music, Movies, Phones and so on. There also offer fashion wears for men, women and children alike and home appliances. International shipping is free on orders above $50.


One of the best online shopping retail sites to get sports wears and equipment. Based in Shirebrook, UK, this online store also offers free international shipping on its amazing sale deals.

Everything sport wears can be found here for men, ladies, kids, unisex from the biggest dealers and brands in the sporting business including the likes of Puma, Nike, Adidas, and so on. Do note that not every product on this online retail store is available on free international shipping.


Looking to shop for pieces of jewelry why don’t you try out this online jewelry site and get that special ornament you’ve always wanted. They’ve got the most special, unique, and beautiful ornaments you’d ever come across on the web for prices that will blow you away.

What’s better is that you get a free international shipping offer on most jewelry you get from this amazing online store. The free international shipping works both ways in case after getting that special necklace and it somehow doesn’t fit, it could be returned without having to pay a dime.

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