Sun. May 16th, 2021
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Description MyBonus

MyBonus is a shopping site that really pays you subsequent to shopping with them. This MyBonus stage works similarly as. In the event that you end up appreciating Z-Union, at that point you will appreciate this one too on the grounds that it works precisely like Z-Union. Much the same as it is in Z-Union, you are qualified to get at any rate N200 consistently with MyBonus. 

In any case, on the off chance that you are anticipating spamming this installment site as you accomplished for Z-Union, here is to tell you that you won’t think that it’s accommodating at your end, however you are allowed to give it a shot. Thus, ensure that you read this article as far as possible to get all the data you require on MyBonus. 

How does MyBonus work? 

On the off chance that you are a client, you are permitted to revive your record with a particular measure of cash and get qualified to submit 60 requests, and you will be compensated with a specific rate for every one of the requests you place. 

They have six bundles or plans made accessible for you to buy in to, minimal bundle there costs only 1,000 Naira, while the most elevated bundle cost 8,000,000 Naira. The following are the six bundles accessible on MyBonus: 

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The Silver Hall: the base sum in this bundle is N1, 000 while the greatest sum is N59,999. You will get an award of 3% for each request. 

The Golden Hall: the base sum in this specific bundle is N60, 000 and the most extreme sum is N179, 999. You will get 3.5% for each request. 

The Platinum Hall: the base sum that accompanies this bundle is N180, 000 while the most extreme sum is N499, 999. You will procure 4% for each request. 

The Diamond Hall: the base sum that this bundle accompanies is N500, 000 and the most extreme sum is N2, 999,999. You will be compensated with 4.5% for each request. 

The Crown Hall: it has a base measure of N3, 000,000 and a most extreme measure of N7, 999,999. You will procure 5% for each request.

The Supreme Hall: this accompanies a base measure of N8, 000,000 and you will be remunerated with 5.5% for each request. 

Thus, you can see now that there is no most extreme sum that you can put on this stage. This suggests that the cutoff to the amount you acquire in this stage just relies upon the amount you revive your MyBonus account with. 

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Instructions to join MyBonus 

In the event that you wish to check MyBonus out and go along with it, you can feel free to make a record by utilizing their connection. At that point, you pursue a record by giving all the necessary subtleties, for example, a username, your telephone number, and any secret phrase you wish to utilize. Whenever you have given all that, you would then be able to tap on the enlisted catch, and afterward click on go download. This will take you to your application store (either Google Play Store or Apple Store, contingent upon the gadget you are utilizing) with the end goal for you to download the MyBonus application. 

How to revive my MyBonus account? 

Prior to reviving your record, you should finish your profile on the stage. This is exceptionally simple to do and won’t take you as long as three minutes. You should simply: 

  • You will initially have to dispatch the application, at that point click from the lower part of the route zone; 
  • At that point you click on Profile to finish your profile; 
  • Head back to the past menu, that is the ‘Mine’ page; 
  • You click on the Address Management and type in your unique name and telephone number. 
  • After you are finished with these things, you would now be able to energize your MyBonus account. This is all you require to do: 
  • Head back to the Mine page and snap-on revive; 
  • At that point you select the Online to energize and snap on the Next catch; 
  • Type in the sum that you need to revive and tap on energize Amount. 
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You should hang tight for certain seconds to get a spring up message, you can pay with your card. After installment, your record will be credited. Also, with that, you can begin getting a charge out of the full highlights that accompany MyBonus.

How can I withdraw out from MyBonus? 

In order to withdraw from MyBonus, you will go to the home page and select Withdraw; 

As it is your first time visiting the page, you will be needed to fill in your financial records. After you have done that, you would then be able to enter your withdrawal sum and afterward tap on Withdraw Cash Now.

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