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Messenger Room – Video Conference Room – Have you ever heard of the Zoom room? If you are one of Zoom’s many users, you should have heard of this Zoom tool. With a Zoom room, you can hold video meetings with business partners, family members, or friends.

Well, Facebook just released its version of the Zoom room and it will surely get a lot of attention from people. This is not just because it is free, but because of its features and how easy it is to use.

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Facebook recently launched the messenger room as a way for people to reconnect as it allows up to 50 people in a single video conference. There is also no limit to the amount of video conference rooms you can create as long as you know how to.

I think Facebook’s Messenger room unlike the likes of Skype and Zoom is mainly for reconnection among family, friends, and loved ones rather than for businesses or formal meetings. It’s a new feature which means along the way, Facebook is going to really work on it.

Why Messenger Rooms On Facebook?

Looking for an alternative that offers almost the same video calling qualities for free, well, this is your best option. With this feature, you and 49 other people can video chat and connect with each other.

Small or Medium Businesses on Facebook could also use this feature to their advantage, hold meetings and even work from home. There are no time limits, no subscriptions and as long as you have a good internet connection, there will be no problems with your calls.

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Features Of Facebook Messenger Rooms

  • Very easy to start and create a video conference room.
  • It allows you to invite people to join your video calls from outside the Facebook community.
  • Integrated to work with other Facebook-related social networks like Instagram, Portal, and WhatsApp.
  • Not time Limit or Subscription plans on calls.
  • It offers 360-degree backgrounds on calls. This means you can change the background while you are on calls.
  • Interesting varieties of Filters and editing options.
  • Full mode security and privacy settings, it gives room owners the ability to lock and unlock their rooms hence preventing people from getting in.
  • End to End encrypted calls. Facebook also promised not to listen to user’s calls in their FAQ section of this feature.
  • Call Schedule: This allows you to create a room but schedule it for a later time. Meaning you can create a room now but you can also change the time you want to start the video call.

Like I earlier stated, Facebook just released this tool, so they will be looking to do everything to improve it. Not just because it’s new but because they are a lot of brands already in the video conferencing line.

Hence, to dominate that line and draw more users to itself, the messenger rooms feature has to be competitive and first-class. Facebook got into the Dating service with Facebook Dating last year and to be honest, its dong pretty well. I am sure they would want to keep up the success rate here too.

How to Create a Messenger Room on Messenger

For now, this can only be done via the Facebook Messenger app. Facebook plans on rolling out the process to the Facebook platform and also to WhatsApp and Instagram soon.

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app on your device.
  • Tap on the People tab at the bottom right corner.
  • Select the Create a Room option.
  • Start the invitation process thereby informing everyone you want in the video chat room.
  • Schedule when you want the room to be active by setting your preferred time and date. if you want it to start immediately, just click on Join Room and follow Facebook’s prompt.

Facebook Messenger Rooms Not Available

Opening a Messenger room on Facebook is pretty easy but frustration might kick in when you don’t see the option to create yours. Users always experience this with every Facebook new feature.

Its fix is almost the same for all features. If you followed the steps above and still can’t set-up your Messenger room, update your Messenger App. Navigate to your device playstore and update the messenger app.

Also, it could be that the Messenger room feature is not available to your country yet as it has only been rolled out to very few countries.

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