Lucifer Season 5 & 6 | 5A, 5B & 6 | What we Know About the Newly Released Part

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Lucifer Season 5 & 6 – There is something about this hellish movie that keeps people coming back for more, the twists, the supernatural turn of effects, the amazing storyline. But most of all the thought of the Devil being the best version of himself,  as ridiculous as that sounds, everyone wants to believe.

We just witnessed the release of a new part in this amazing series, not a part exactly, more like half its part. Thanks to the pandemic, we had to wait so long for a new season of this interesting series and I must say it was worth it.

lucifer season 5 & 6

All You Need to Know About Lucifer Season 5

Originally the fifth season of this series was meant to be it final until news about a sixth season renewal came in. Season 5A ended rather abruptly, so we are not only expecting a season 5B but also a next number season.

Not to create a spoiler, but ending a supernatural series with a part where all of a sudden GOD decides to show up would make fans delusional. The first part of the Season 5 features 8 episodes and all of them revealed and created mysteries.

Season 5A Review & Season 5B Possible Plot

I would try as much not to create spoilers but when in a position of mine you just can’t help it. Let’s start with the fact that Angel Michael, Lucifer supposed twin is on earth causing all levels of trouble and then Lucifer had to come back from hell.

Daniel just found out he has known the devil and Ella unknowingly had a serial killer for a boyfriend. Things were meant to get better for Amenadiel, but he is freaking out at the thought of his child being a human.

I also couldn’t help but feel Maze’s pain. I mean she might just be a soulless devil demon but common, she has gone through a lot. However, right now Lucifer’s whole life is literally on pause and whatever actions he takes can derail or save it again.

Season 5A of this series finally brought Lucifer and Chloe as a thing, a relationship we’ve waited so much for. But, something always pop-up with them, a new challenge or problem that is out of this world, I guess it’s not every day you get to watch the Devil fall in love with a detective.

Season 5B will solve everything 5A couldn’t including the Devil’s love life as you can fully expect Season 6 to bring you a new story phase. Modrovich and Henderson said something about the sixth season taking a whole new turn in this interesting series and they blamed it on an unexpected announcement of a new season given the fact that they were already planning an interesting plot for the series end in season 5.

Season 5B: All We Know

When Netflix was granted permission to go on with the fifth season of Lucifer, they termed it Lucifer’s final outing with a 10 episode season. It made sense they made the episodes number were small given it was apparently the last season.

Then the thoughts of a sixth season came in and wham, we’ve got 16 episodes split half-ways across time. The first 8 we’ve seen, but the last 8 we have no idea about as Netflix is yet to announce anything about an expected release date.

When will Lucifer Season 6 Air?

Earlier this year, precisely on the 23rd of June, Netflix revealed that there will be the sixth season of their amazing devilish show, Lucifer. The series’ writer Modrovich and Henderson were on the finale of Season 5 when news about a possible season 6 came in. At first, they were reluctant but time saw them embrace the idea.

There is no release date for a season 5B yet, consequently also no release date for season 6. Just wait till the season 5 ends and then you could start asking questions about season 6. For now, the only question that should be on your mind is how does Lucifer fix his old new-found problems?

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