How to Stream on Twitch from PS5

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The PlayStation 5 allows you to stream your number one games on Twitch easily. Whenever you have set things up, you’re practically only two catch presses from streaming at whatever point you need.

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 reassure is quite incredible. It accompanies another regulator with cutting edge haptics and versatile triggers, another make button, just as help for 120Hz gaming, and then some. Thus, on the off chance that you have been gaming a great deal on the PlayStation 5, why not hotshot your abilities to the world.

how to stream on twitch from ps5

How to Link PS5 with Twitch

I will be showing you simple and easy steps to do this. the first thing required for you to do is to link your twitch account with your PS5.

  • On your PS5 game, go to setting and then click ‘User and Accounts’
  • Tab ‘Link with other services’
  • Select ‘Twitch’
  • Click on ‘Link Account’ icon
  • Now, scan the QE code displayed on your TV with your mobile phone or sim ply move to Twitch activation page and enter the code displayed on your TV to link your Twitch account with your PS5
  • On your mobile phone, after scanning the code click on ‘Authorize’
  • A page would pop up displaying a notification to you, click  the ‘Done’ icon

With this simple steps you have successfully linked your Twitch account to your ps5 game. Try this steps now and start enjoying your game more than ever before.

How to Stream PS5 Game on Twitch

Since Successfully link your ps5 to Twitch, you can now stream your ps5 on twitch. Here is how to go about it.

  • Open the game you wish to stream and hit the create button on your ps5 controller
  • From the displayed menu, select ‘Broadcast’. This icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter a title for your twitch stream and then hit the ‘Go live’ icon to start streaming

How to change Broadcast option on PS5

This option gives you the chance to change your stream name in the broadcast menu. So to achieve this kindly follow the steps below.

  • At the point you are on the game already and you wish to change your broadcast, press the ‘Create ‘button and select broadcast
  • Click on the three dots icon next to the Go live option
  • Click on broadcast option
  • From this section you can now change your broadcast and other service like display chat, display camera, overlay position and other things as well.

How to end Streaming PlayStation 5 Game

Just in case you are done streaming you game and you wish to end it, kindly use this step to stop you streaming.

  • Hit the ‘Create’ button on your pad controller
  • Go to the broadcast option
  • Click stop broadcast to stop your twitch stream.

With this few information, you can now stream your PlayStation 5 game on twitch channel using your account. If you don’t have an account on twitch quickly create one for yourself now and download the twitch mobile app on your phone from google play store or apple store.

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