How to recover data from a broken phone

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On the off chance that what rings a bell after inadvertently crushing your telephone’s screen is “How would I get my information off this telephone?” This aide on the best way to recuperate information from a broken telephone is for you!

How to recover data from a broken phone

Ostensibly everybody has had at least one appalling circumstance with their cell phones. However, fortunately, there are consistent solutions for most cell phone issues (if not all that matters). Furthermore, in case you’re searching for how to rescue your past information subsequent to crushing your telephone screen surprisingly, the tips and deceives beneath will take care of you.

How to recover data from a broken phone if the screen is still working

There are two ways in which your phone screen can get broken: either the display is barely visible or absolutely black.

If you can see the contents on the screen but it’s not responding to touches, you can try any of the tricks below to get your data off the phone.

Using a wired mouse with USB OTG

the fastest way to salvage your data on a broken phone is to transfer them somewhere else. But first, it requires you to control the screen in one way or the other. That’s where the OTG function on your phone comes in.

If your phone supports OTG, you can pair it up with a wired mouse; that allows you to control the screen and transfer your files without stress.  

All you need now is a USB OTG cable/adapter, a wired mouse, and a transfer tool or SD card.

Here’s how to recover data from broken phone with a USB OTG mouse:

  • Get a compatible wired mouse and connect it to your device with a USB OTG cable/adapter.
  • Simply unlock your device using fingerprint or face unlock. Otherwise, you can try to draw your pattern or enter your password/PIN with the mouse.
  • Now, transfer your files to another device wirelessly with these best file sharing apps, or copy them to a micro SD card.

Controlling your device with a wired mouse is arguably the best solution to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen if you have the right tools. However, not every smartphone supports OTG (especially the old and entry-level phones).

Copy the files to your PC

The second method of recovering data from an Android phone with a broken screen is to copy the files to your PC. That can be tricky as well since it requires a functional touchscreen to enable “File Transfer” after connecting your phone to the computer. However, there are workarounds for such situations.

To achieve that, you need to change your default USB configuration to “File Transfer” in the Android developer options first. Doing that will allow the computer to access your files straightaway after connecting your phone to it.

Here’s how 

  • Again, connect the wired mouse to your phone with a USB OTG.
  • Unlock your phone with the preferred/available method.
  • Using the mouse, go to Settings → System → Developer options. You can learn how to enable developer options from hereif not available.
  • In the Developer options, look for Default USB configuration and click on it.
  • Finally, choose File Transfer (or MTP on some devices)

Now that you’ve changed your default USB configuration to File Transfer, it’s time to copy your files to the computer!

Here’s how to recover data from a broken phone with File Explorer on PC:

  • Make sure you unlock your device before removing the mouse and OTG.
  • Now, connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable.
  • Your phone should appear under “My Computer” on your PC.
  • From there, browse through the folders and transfer all the files, photos, videos, documents, and other things you need from the broken phone.


Unfortunately, recovering your data from a broken phone with a black screen is somewhat impossible in this era. File encryption and privacy security have gotten tighter than they used to be. And even if you purchase data recovery software, it might not work as intended.

So, why not replace the screen instead? Especially if you’ve only used the phone for a few months/years and it’s still performing well, you may consider replacing the screen instead and get things back on track. Moreover, that’s economical than buying a new phone, since you’ll get your data as fresh. With that, we recommend you visit your brand’s official service center for screen replacement at your earlier convenience.

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