Swift Code Finder | How to Find Swift Code | List of Banks That Makes Use of Swift Code

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Swift Code Finder – Find your bank branch code today using the swift code. With this code, international transactions can be done immediately.

About Swift Code – Swift Code Finder

Swift code is an actual set of numbers (8-11) that represent a bank branch. The reason for this code is to identify/track foreign transactions. Without the swift code, you can send or receive international transactions from your bank. Now you see why swift code is very important so that you don’t start running up and down on how to send or receive to families, friends, or business partners when it’s urgent.

Swift Code Finder
Swift Code Finder

A swift document would be sent to you immediately after a transaction is completed to show proof of a complete transaction. The swift proof contains all necessary details of that same transaction which includes the date, amount, currency, sender, recipient, and amount.

How to Find Swift Code?

Swift code can be found in your bank statement, so you can walk into your bank and ask for your bank statement, look through it and you would find your swift code written there. You should also know that not all bank branches make use of their own swift code. Some swift codes are sent from the head branch which you can make use of in other branches of that same bank.

What Happens When My Bank Doesn’t Have A Swift Code?

The main aim of the swift code is for banks to be able to do international transactions and by chance, your bank does not have the swift code that means your bank is not eligible to do international transactions. So it’s best you open an account in a bank that has a swift code.

List of Banks That Makes Use of Swift Code

Here is the list of banks that makes use of swift code but not all would be mentioned here.

  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank, etc….

With the swift code, you can easily track your transactions and then lay your complaints to the bank afterward about the delay and you would get feedback concerning your transactions. It takes about 3-5 working days for a transaction to be completed that’s in the case of two different banks.

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