How To change your Instagram user name

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Your Instagram username is a pleasant method to pass on your character on the web-based media application. It very well may be your ordinary name or something peculiar. Perhaps you got hitched and need to trade to your companion’s last name or hyphenate, or are simply hoping to roll out an improvement.

How To change your Instagram user name

Instagram is a touch more remiss with regards to changing your name, contrasted with stricter specifications on Facebook. On Instagram, you can change your name a limitless number of times, and incorporate accentuation, numbers or arbitrary words – essentially anything you desire.

In this article, we will learn how to change Instagram username and profile name.

How To change your Instagram user name

Use this process to learn how to change your username on Instagram

  • Open your Instagram app on your mobile phone
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Select ‘Edit profile
  • Enter your new username in the provided space.

You will get a notification to know if the username you put in have been taken by another user, if the username is still available for use then you can click the checkmark to confirm.

Note, should incase you decide to change back to the old username you were using, you have the chance to do that within six days to get the old name back. otherwise, the name will be given out to someone else which means you can no longer have that username.

How to change your Instagram profile Name

 Changing your actual name on Instagram can be achieved whiles you still have your username intact. To change your Instagram name kindly follow the steps below.

  • Launch your Instagram mobile app
  • Click on your profile icon to open
  • Chose ‘Edit Profile’
  • In the given space type in your username.

In this aspect, Instagram can only give you 14days to change your name twice.

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