How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android

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Spam calls can be most annoying and disturbing most especially when you need to have your peace. This can be the worst thing about carrying your phone in your pocket each day. But not to worry anymore about all this anymore because there is a tool to help you avoid spam calls.

How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android

In this content we will show a verified step to take to put an end to all spam calls on your mobile phone. This step includes the use of Google’s own apps.

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Verified Calls on Android

Verified calls are a feature in the ‘Phone by Google’ app. Google puts hands together with other organizations to verify callers identities, display reason for calling and also show logos. This app (Google phone app) can be downloaded and installed on most android mobile phones, in most cases it has been pre-installed already.

How to Enable Verified Calls on Google

After you must have installed the phone Google app on your mobile device, it can be set as the default phone app but in a case where you missed the prompt to do this when the app was open at the first stage then you will need to do this manually.

The process is a little bit different depending on the android phone but it will be something similar that you can handle.

Let’s look at the process on how to enable verified calls.

  • Open the phone Google app that you installed
  • Click on the menu bar at the top right corner
  • Click on settings
  • Next, from the drop-down menu click on ‘Spam and Call screen’ or ‘Caller ID and Spam’
  • Push the toggle to ‘ON’ for Verified calls
  • A new page would be open to you asking for your phone number, read the details, and then click ‘Yes, I’M IN’.

After these processes, you would be taken back to the previous screen and the ‘verified calls’ toggle will be on. Showing the different calls.

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