How to Add Facebook Location to Post, Page or Update

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How to Add Facebook Location- Have you ever tried adding a Facebook location to your post on Facebook? It is amazing right? As it may seem impossible, I wish to assure you that it is currently very much possible and a lot of people normally add their location to their Facebook posts now.

This Facebook location as you might have already thought helps you to tell your viewers your current location (in other words where you are posting from). However, I need not remind you that for you to post on Facebook you need a Facebook account, meaning that for you to use the Facebook location feature, you need a Facebook account.

How to Add Facebook Location

Create A Facebook Account

Each day people from around the world try to discover a new way to create a Facebook account. For this reason, so many ways have been discovered to create an account with Facebook. You can easily create an account using your mobile device web browser or PC.

You can equally create an account using any known Facebook app worldwide. However, we are going to be discussing only how you can create an account using a web browser as this is the compatible way for all devices. To create a Facebook account using a web browser;

  • Go to the officially known Facebook site at If you are using a mobile device, then I think it is best you use the URL.
  • On the webpage you are taken to, click on the sign up button and you will be taken to a new page.
  • From that page, enter your personal details such as your name, username, date of birth and some others more.
  • On the next stage, you will be asked to provide your real time contact address and be told to confirm it. The common means of confirmation is sending a six or five digit code to your address. You will be asked to enter the six digit code into a box or click on a link.

If the above procedures are carried out successfully, you will be instantly logged in on your new account.

Adding A Facebook Location

I think you should be popular with adding a post on Facebook. Now this step is no different form it. To add a Facebook location on your post, login your Facebook account and click on the box indicating you should add a new post.

Add you post and click on the location icon tagged “check in”.  Add your location and click on the post icon. Once your post’s uploaded, you will see the changes with the post telling your viewers the location you are.

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