Google To Do Task | How to use Google Tasks

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Google To do involves the platform that google has provided for users to effectively sort out their to do lists. These applications are very useful for people who have a lot or different to do list. It makes it faster and very easy to sort out your to do list. If you find the need to sort out your bulky to do list, Google To Do task applications are one of the application that would allow you to effectively do so.

Google To Do Task

There are lots of Google To Do Task applications created by google to enhance and help uses, and some of these are google application which aids in taking notes and Google reminder which is mainly for reminding users about calendar events, email follow ups, or also keeping notes. As said earlier, this application enables users to effectively sort their to do list.

One of the most popular Google To Do application is google task. It’s one of the application that has created a platform for users to effectively sort out their To Do list without encountering issues and problems. It is very simple and easy to use. Using this application is very simple and straight forward because its self explanatory. This application is the most popular application and is hidden under a menu in Gmail.

How To Use Google To Do Task

As said earlier, Google To Do Task has a lot of application at its disposal that enhance the sorting out of the To Do list, but one of this application that enhance the sorting out of To Do list is Google task. As said earlier, this task enables you to effectively sort out your To Do List, but without you been aware of the steps and procedures attached to the usage of this application, you won’t be able to do so. Below are the steps and procedures on how to use Google task;

  1. Make sure you have a mobile device with an internet connection
  2. Make sure you have a valid Gmail account
  3. On your device, open your Gmail
  4. Go to settings
  5. On the right, click ‘tasks’
  6. Then add a task
  7. Add list
  8. Then you can re-order your list

The above steps and procedures will enable you use google task effectively without you encountering any issues or passing through any stress.

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